Let’s grow ‘Sakura’ in China and Peony in Japan

Both China and Japan is immeasurably important to this world that we live, like every single society, country minor or major. We exchange things commercially valuable and artistically important. ‘We’ is here not particularly used to indicate one specific society but the ‘whole world’. Though some like Sakura and some other like Peony than Sakura we all know that both sakura and peony are part of this world and it ‘unifying the society we live with one and another and connects the world in many ways with each other.

Even a minor dispute that we have with each other will lead or allows tears to fall from the “sakura’s of Japan and Peony’s of China. We should not let that happen. Flowers can be a bridge that connects any of the countries forgetting even slight or very minor disputes between them if there is any that causes to be seen that ‘damage the friendships’.

A piece of land or an Island may belong to either ‘Japan’ or ‘to China’ legally or socially or culturally or historically. But if any of those things are causing any damages to the ‘friendships in minor or major ways ‘somehow both or any parties need to find ways to solve immediately not dragging it until you see ‘major heart damages between people of any societies.

Every area, country has their marked territories legally, socially culturally and mentally this along helps to maintain ‘peace and harmony of the world’. That is the major purposes of having such things ‘our own territories’ but those territories that we have marked mainly to maintain ‘peace and harmony amongst the people of the world should not lead to break the same or the main aim or the scope of having territories marked’.

Every Japanese Island belong to Japan, and to its people and every single inch of China Belong to China and its people you only know the ‘territories of your own than the people outside to your countries. Do not forget that both of you a huge part of this world and you belong to all others as well, ‘the world’ every single or slight change that generally occurs in any part of the world affects the whole world directly or indirectly.

We are a no terror country’ therefore you get every opportunity to come and visit our country any time you want on any purpose that will lead for benefit of the public, the world finally. If you see bombs are blasting in somewhere or every where then your top authorities will not issue any visas to my country and will warn you ‘don’t go there’ ‘you are not safe’ then what will happen the ‘investors who like to come and invest here and import our tea to your country sending here your porcelain and to send here the ‘number 1 electronic goods that you produce in your respective countries. Can you engage in such things ‘peace of mind’ NO it is not possible if you see no peace any where of the world.

We buy the cars you produce and we need Oil to run the car you produce and to buy oil we need has to go somewhere else May to Saudi Arabia or to some other ‘OIL well owned country’. And if find any issues in any of the societies it affects many ways to the whole world directly or indirectly to the whole world.

Miss China owns the crown of the world’s most beautiful girl – ‘Miss world’’ think of the things that she can contribute to this world. She can go to Japan with her friends and Mrs Oshin can come to China with her and start one of her businesses there in Japan ( Oshin is a very Famous Tele drama series many times telecasting drama on our National television Channel of our country these days 6.30 pm every week day)

And here we are ready to welcome both of you, Ms Oshin And Miss China in Our country and we are planning to have ‘our home grown tea’ with both of you at ‘Habarana Lodge’ if you prefer that or else at ‘Hotel Suisse in Kandy’ and little later at my most favorite place ‘Bellihul oya rest house’ you can relax the way you want in any time of the day while listening to the water flowing sound of the very close water way which gives you ‘peace of mind for sure’ and if you come little earlier not late or not after ’20 Twenty Cricket Magic’ you can join us in watching the match and give some boost to their earning scores.

Take Care ‘Beautiful China and handsome Japan’

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