Letter to my 12-year-old self

Dear Younger Kas,

As I sit down to write this letter to you, my 12-year-old self, I am filled with a sense of nostalgia and reflection. The passage of time, as I have come to realize, is a treasure beyond measure, and I hope to impart to you some wisdom garnered through the years. It is said that wisdom is often gained through experience, but if I could offer you a glimpse of the future, I would want you to grasp these timeless truths that have shaped my journey.

First and foremost, my young friend, I implore you to be fearless. I know that sometimes the world can appear daunting, and uncertainty looms like a shadow, but do not let it deter you. Embrace the unknown with open arms, for it is in those moments of uncertainty that you will discover your truest self. Like a star navigating the cosmos, let your inner compass guide you, and do not be afraid to chart your own course.

You are still processing Dad's death from two years ago, and although it will take time, you will recover from the shock of losing him. Remember, time is the most precious of all gifts. At 12, it may seem as if you have an eternity ahead of you, but I assure you that the years will pass in the blink of an eye. Each moment is a fleeting gem, never to be recaptured. Cherish every sunrise and sunset, savour the taste of every meal, and relish the laughter of loved ones. Do not squander your days in trivial pursuits or fretting over the inconsequential. Time, once gone, cannot be reclaimed.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned is the insignificance of the opinions of others. In your teens, you may find yourself seeking validation from peers, teachers, and even strangers. But let me tell you, the only opinion that truly matters is your own. Be true to your beliefs and convictions, even if they diverge from the mainstream. In my early 20s, I found myself at a crossroads, torn between pursuing a conventional career path and following my passion for writing. The weight of societal expectations bore down on me like an unrelenting monsoon rain. But I recalled the lessons of fearlessness, the preciousness of time, and the irrelevance of others' opinions. I decided to devote myself to the craft of writing, to create stories and poems that would resonate with others. It was not an easy path; there were moments of doubt and hardship, but I persevered. I poured my heart and soul into my work, embracing the uncertainty that lay ahead.

My dear younger me, I share this journey with you not as a boast but as a testament to the recognition of time's preciousness, and the liberation from the opinions of the world. Time is fleeting, and the opinions of others are but passing clouds in the vast sky of your existence.

With warmest regards

Kas Fernandes

Training - Self-Care
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