Letter To My Child

My Dear Unborn,
Even though you have not been conceived, it gives me great joy and fulfilment to write you these words of prayers , blessings and love. God bless you. I cant wait to carry you within me and feel you grow , kick and play around in my womb which will be your playground for nine months. As I nourish, speak, sing and pray for you. I am not looking forward to the agony of labour but I can’t wait to hear your scream as you make your grand entry into this world. One flesh and blood together for nine months and meeting for the first time as I hold you in my arms for the first time , suckling you and bonding with you.

What will you be? A son to be my strength? Or a daughter to be my peace? Would you have big brown eyes and soft curly black hair? Or would you settle for kind small dark eyes and thick kinky hair like mine ? Would you be peaceful enough to let me sleep when I am tired and need to? Or would you cry a lot to remind me that you are mine, my responsibility , my joy and my headache?
What should I call you ? Do I name you after heroes of old or give you a name that belongs to you because you are unique? Theres more to names than just the way they sound, so I hear.

Oh my unborn, theres no doubt , I would love you with all my heart because I will be your mother but spare the rod I will not. Discipline and the fear of God are part of my obligations to both of us. As daddy would not always be home all the time to see the naughty things you do. So any time I raise my voice or my hand in caution, try to understand that I do it for love and the fact that I want you to be great and live right. I want your life to have more meaning as the days progress. Anytime I kneel with you in prayers, know that I’m not trying to deprive you of your precious sleep . I just want you to understand the essence of life and the Supremacy a higher being, that is the Almighty.

Well my beautiful unborn, I will not say too much for now as I still await your arrival I can only but take one day at a time as I await the lessons we will teach each other in this journey we call , life.

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,


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