Letting girls achieve their full potential

Nine of our rescued young mothers finally graduated!. This journey started back in 23 Oct 2017 after it was reported on National TV the full extent of Teenage pregnancy cases in Kilifi County, we at Smiles of hope found it really disturbing and decided to play our part. We organized for a community dialogue regarding 18 pregnant schoolgirls and came up with a Child rights affairs committee, through this committee four young mothers were able to be rescued from forced child marriage. Three of them went on vocational training a two-year program(Kadzo and Dhahabu  are one of them,I once shared their stories in here). The 1st year they sat for NITA grade test 3 and all passed, in the 2nd year they all sat for KCPE and the highest scored 268marks out of the possible 500marks this is after staying at home for 3yrs taking care of the young one and one went back to school in class seven and she sat for her KCPE this year and scored 268marks, plans of her joining high school are taking shape the 5 others all have their individual inspiring rescue stories. We will not tire, we will go back out there to spread hope and try to bring back smiles to this bleak situation afflicting our beautiful Kilifi County and Kenya as a whole. They are going to be our ambassadors, they are going to motivate fellow girls on different platforms both in school and in the community. We believe in peer to peer motivation. The main causes of early child marriage in our community are parental negligence, teen pregnancy, poverty, lack of education and general moral decay.

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