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Lewa Marathon

I believe we are all ( Pulsewire members) pushing for our action as we stated early this year.
I am glad to announce that I will be taking part in Lewa half Marathon. I want to take part in this great event so as to raise funds for the Home that has agreed to take in Muthoni who was featured in our local Television.( Citizen TV)
Muthoni was repeatedily sexually abused by her 51 old teacher.
She got pregnant and she went through it all in very miserable situation. Citizen caught up with her and they took her to Nairobi womens who saw her through her D-DAY. We thank Nairobi Womens for the kind gesture.

Womans Hope magazine was( free Magazine published by Womans Hope) required to do a story on this case so as to reach to the people who might have missed it on air. Unfortunately, when we went there, tears just rolled down our cheeks. The girl only 11yrs much younger than my daughter had gone through so much..How sad?

We didnt do the interview and we were required to do it after a day. Calling the hospital the following day, the girl has been discharged. The baby was taking in by a another home( New Life) but couldnt be able to take in the mother.

I felt so much burden since I had offered to stay with her for a while to give her time to recover..
Now gone back to the village which she knows to be very harsh. The dad is a drunkard and hardly bother on the family. He had even taken some money from the teacher to silence much..? ksh.3000 ( $ 40 dollars) it pains. The teacher had the guts to say he paid the pregnacy when he was confronted.
The mother is the only breadwinner to a family of seven children and the what they call a house is almost falling.

When I called her sister who we met at the hospital she disclosed to me that her sister is taking mostly Ugali with salty water..I couldnt help but start looking for a place to take her in. I was connected to this kind gentleman by my sister Chiku.
He runs a home called Teule in Kajiado.
He said anytime he is ready to take in the girl but there is ksh.10,000 ( about $120) required inorder to process muthonis documents and logistics since they are required to notify the area chief whenever they taking in any child.

Still there was shortage of funds to cater for the growing number of children in the home. I trusted inner-self and I promised myself that, I will be there for the young girl and others who might need us in one way or the other.

I am so happy to let you my friends that our dear Muthoni is in class I write this. She had shared with me that her passion is to go back to school. I thank God that her prayers were heard.
The Director has allowed my family to be picking her over the holidays to stay with us.

My main goal is to go for my first finishers medal, and raise funds for women and girls under Womans Hope:
It is exactly 45 days to lewa marathon. Your small act of kindness daily will make a big difference. Save something in a day for Monica and others in need like her.

Your heart felt donation will be a blessing.

-The t-shirt to be worn that day will bear your organisation name or your
- Will also post the sponsors logos and names to our website
-Our Monthly Magazine will carry feature on our sponsors.

Kind regards,
Consolata Waithaka
Womans Hope director

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