Linnon Latham JNR

Linnon Latham Jnr. was a bright handsome gentleman from Jamaica and was one of the smartest students in his class. He dreamed of becoming a pilot. His mum paid for his expenses and he went through special training and eventually Linnon had learnt a little one or two things on how to steer a jet. Eventually he earned a certificate. Linnon also was running a car wash business during his time in high school. He was the guy everyone loved. Infact hearing his story warmed my heart as well. He was loved by so many people in his community his family loved him so much including his younger brother and sisters. You know he was the person people just loved he was a natural known by everyone in his classroom. He taught his younger brother how to swim and he loved aeroplanes just like his elder brother did. Linnon was also an IT genius he had plans on opening his own company.He even attended a conference in San Fransisco which focused on technology he presented on the future of Technology in the working World. He came up with a new initiative on technology which he had in mind for his future tech company. After he graduated from high school a lot of universities accepted him he was literally being chased because of his hardwork and intelligence. I mean this young boy was just golden💛✨✨✨

Becareful who you call your friends that would be the end of Linnon's life. After graduation he decided to go out with a "friend" of his whom his mum housed at their home like her own son. They both left for a little get together celebration at his friends place and before Linnon left home he told his mum he will be back by twelve midnight he took his mum's car drove to his friends place. His mum texted him after she realized she tried reaching him a couple of times yet still no answer. Then she begun to get a little worried. Like, "where is my boy". Then she realised that her car was driven to her sons friends place so she started to feel an unease about what she saw. So she went over to their home to ask where her son was and his so called "friend" said, that he did not hear from Linnon after their little getogether he left the house and he didn't know where he was.

Pause......*Deep Breaths*

This Woman got extremely infuriated by his reply because she could sense something sketchy and fishy going on in the atmosphere. So afterwards she quickly reported her son missing to the Miramar Police & Investigation Team and quickly a search was made to look for her son Linnon.

After a long time of search they finally found her son's body in the lake which they both went to. After the body was discovered, and the autopsy was done they ruled his case as no foul play. However his mum made a video and spoke about how his friend's mother was behaving weird each time she confronted them. Linnon's mum also believed that his life was not taken by accidental drowning or drugs.

What do you think do you think that Linnon's life was taken away from him or he drowned?

Share your comments below lets have a discussion about the case and lets see what your opinions are📳💬⬇️......


April 13 2023



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