LIVE Your Truth Program

My name is Kimisha King, I am a visionary strategist, certified life purpose coach, and author. I am very passionate about youth and women accomplishing their goals because of my childhood experiences. Growing up, my family was dysfunctional and daily in my community I witnessed fights, arguments or watched acts of violence. Meanwhile, I spent most of my time visualizing a better life and was determined not to join the crowd but to be a catalyst for change.

In 2010, I became the Parish Ambassador for Christ Church (my district), and I also became the Vice President for a youth group called United Youth Leaders of Barbados. During my tenure, we held yearly retreats around the month of December which resulted in growth in many social areas and helped young people to become community leaders.

It is my view, that my passion for the youth and women is no coincidence but my purpose. Therefore, when the idea came to write a book to help women understand their value and worth it came naturally. The LIVE Your Truth Program caters to ages 14-17, the book Journey to Thirty the Naked Truth, I Am You teaches students the following:

• How to deal with peer pressure

• How to build your self-esteem and confidence

• How to use your power to empower

We partner with schools across Barbados to give each child a copy of our books. The program also has a seminar component where we meet with the students and teach them on the above steps shared. This program was launched in 2021 and we have received an overwhelming response from schools however, in order to continue we need your help!

The cost to donate a book is $17.50US. To donate to this program click the link below.

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