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"Lost in the Shadows: A Sister's Cry for Justice and Freedom"

In the heart-wrenching depths of Benghazi, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, my world has been shattered by the inexplicable kidnapping of my beloved brother. Every moment feels like an eternity as we navigate through this nightmare of not knowing his whereabouts or why he was torn away from us. It has been ten agonizing days, and still, we are left with nothing but a gnawing sense of desperation and fear.

My brother, born in 1985, is an architect, a visionary, and the owner of a digital intelligence company. He was a beacon of hope in our lives, his creativity and passion lighting up our family with dreams of a brighter future. But now, those dreams have turned to dust, and we are left in the shadows of despair.

We have knocked on every door, beseeching the security authorities to tell us the truth, to shed light on why they snatched him away from us. "What has he done?" we ask, our voices trembling with grief. But our pleas are met with silence – an agonizing, cold silence that chills our souls and leaves us with more questions than answers.

Inhumane conditions await my brother in the darkness of a bathroom within one of the ominous security battalions that haunt our city. The thought of him confined in such a place, stripped of his dignity and humanity, fills me with a righteous fury. How could they treat him – a bright mind, an entrepreneur, a brother – like this? My heart aches for him, and I feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness, unable to reach out to him, unable to comfort him.

The very systems that should protect us and uphold the law now stand as obstacles in our quest for answers. All the security systems in the city claim there is no open investigation regarding him. How can this be? How can they snatch a person away without reason, without cause, without any legal process?

We are not terrorists; we are not criminals. We are a family torn apart by grief, desperate to find our missing piece. Our pain is real, our anguish palpable, and yet, the authorities remain indifferent to our suffering.

Days turn into nights, and with each passing moment, our hope diminishes. The knot in my stomach tightens, my mind racing with thoughts of his well-being and safety. I cannot sleep; I cannot eat. All I can think of is my brother, alone in that wretched place, enduring unimaginable horrors.

As a fighter for justice, as a feminist standing for the rights of all, it is excruciating to see my own family fall victim to the very injustices I have dedicated my life to combat. But I will not be silenced. I refuse to let my brother's voice be drowned out by the deafening silence of the authorities.

I call out for help and support, not just for myself but for all those who suffer under the weight of oppression and uncertainty. I plead for the world to hear our story, to stand in solidarity with us, and to demand answers and accountability from those responsible for my brother's disappearance.

My brother's dreams, his hopes, and his very existence matter. He is more than a name on a missing persons list; he is a son, a brother, and a bright light in our lives. We will not rest until he is found, until he is brought back to us, until justice is served.

I am Nisreen, a fighter for justice, a human rights advocate, and a sister yearning for her brother's safe return. And with every fiber of my being, I implore you to stand with me in this fight, to raise your voices with mine, and to bring my brother back home – back to a family that loves him, back to a city that needs him, and back to a world that must not forget him

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