Love Feast...A Valentine Affair!

Feast of Love 2024

Photo Credit: Menitos Charity Foundation

Ms Daramola,Founder,. Menitos Charity Foundation's, Head, Paediatric Rheumatoid Unit LASU.ans Alhaja Sanusi, Founder of LUREG

Anyone who lives in Lagos knows that getting referred to LASUTH is never a good news. While you are assured of professional medical practitioners, the protocols can break your support circle as the back and forth as well as financial burden can be overwhelming even for those with goodwill and good intentions.


My birthday was on February 9th and I always joke that my mom was impatient else I would have been born on February 13 😁 I decided to shift my birthday to the universal day of love . Another reason for the shift is that there is some level of bias to birthdays and valentine in my society. I decided to tag my day A Feast of Love and I reached out to other NGOs to help with finding a children clinic .


LUREG Foundation connected is to LASUTH paediatric rheumatoid clinic and I got balloons and some token fidr for the average of 15 children that were expected. We arrived at around past 9am, and the volunteer that worked with me was so emotional, she couldn't go in and was literally crying in the car, I started walking in with the balloons and gifts


The smile.on the children faces was all the feedback I needed to know we made the right choice. We found out there were othe clinics running simultaneously and have every child a.balloon.

We then walked round to encourage family members around the paediatric unit.. At a polite had adults chasing balloons for the children and every time a balloon burst, people shouted 'Happy Valentine' and this for even the children smiling.

My team and I were glad to be the reason those children could smile to the paid of lupus and other pain related illness.


If I am ever asked, this was the best birthday ever and I honestly would have spent the whole day with the kiddos if I didn't have to be at another program on the same.say ( I ended up.being late for that one)

Anyway, I just wanted to share about the joy and fulfillment that comes from actionss as simply as a hug and tokens as light as a balloon.


Keep giving, keep loving, keep's giving someone hope whether you know it or not.


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