Map it. End it. Take Back the Tech!

Take Back The Tech!, an initiative of the APC Women's Programme, is a collaborative campaign that takes place during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence (25 November - 10 December). It is a call to everyone - especially women and girls - to take control of technology to end violence against women.

Technology-related violence against women creates unsafe online spaces that compromise our ability to freely express ourselves, access information and build communities. They violate our rights to privacy, autonomy, bodily integrity and security. This in turn, impacts on our ability to fully participate in shaping the society we live in.

Define technology that supports the fulfillment of women's human rights! During the 16 days, take creative action that amplifies our collective stance on the promotion of rights on the internet. Join us throughout the campaign period, or start your own campaign.

Here are some ideas:
• Create digital postcards that unmask cultural justifications of violence against women and send them to your Minister;
• Change the script of sexist ads by creating your own subtitles and spread them on social networking spaces;
• Start a viral campaign to demand for better privacy protection from online service providers;
• Make a list of top feminist children's storybooks. Pass it to your local library;
• Occupy online spaces and populate them with icons, messages and calls for an end to violence against women;
• Start a #16days twitter dialogue on promoting women's rights online.

The campaign organisers say, 'This year we call on campaigners to collectively gather evidence for transformation, strengthen our capacity for safer experiences online and amplify our rights in addressing technology-related violence against women. Take control of technology to end violence against women'.

Share your campaign idea! Send an email on , or tweet: @takebackthetech .

If you are interested in starting a local Take Back the Tech! campaign, or wish to organise any of the activities above, contact the campaign organisers and they will be more than happy to brainstorm with you and feature your action.

Read about the campaign and how you can help reduce gender based violence online and in real time at:

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