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Maria's Mentor Love Letter

I wasn't sure exactly how to do this but was so excited I wrote one last night and sent it off. The girls liked it and said I should post it somewhere on here and see how everyone else did theirs so here is mine:

They say that love at first glance is a myth spread around to make woman believe that the attraction they feel is more then a physical reaction. It is true that thoughts of you caused my blood to beat faster with a desire I dared not name. I was never the kind of girl who could say openly what she wanted and certainly never one who ever expected to get it. I hoped, at most, that you would nod to me in passing as you headed to a brighter woman then myself. I opened my heart to you and revealed my true self and you found me of interest. In my heart I knew we were meant for each other and our passion would set the world on fire.

I really like this idea of citizen journalism since it provides the world a chance to see honest and open opinions from people who they would never have thought to ask before. Or rather, they did ask but in the wrong way and ended up getting tongue-tied replies instead of a more meaningful dialogue. I hope to learn new skills and develop my writing to help others understand the things I am passionate about.

I am a mother of 4 daughters who I adore more then anything else in this world and they are the ones I want to change the world for. I am an Alaskan Native, an Aleut, and am very interested in empowering other indigenous peoples since our wisdom comes from a time and place when people valued the Earth and treated it with respect. This, in turn, led to treating people in this same respectful way. The world earnestly seeks these ideas yet are unsure how to regain this connection. I believe I can help change this.

I hope it sounds ok to everyone else, and if you want to post yours I would love to see it!


Northern America
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