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Men Menning UP!

Dear Jimmy Briggs - I have spent several years now working with A Window between Worlds ( and Haven House, ( the first domestic violence shelter of it's kind, founded in the 60's here in So. Cal.

I teach creativity/writing/art to women in crisis and domestic violence survivors so I see, hear and witness the issues facing these women and their children first hand - the abuse is VERY real. Having been trained by the State of CA in domestic violence education, I know that the US and the world are just beginning to wake up to domestic violence issues - for example, many police dept's around this country still believe that the woman provoked the beating, the man is hardly at fault. Many countries believe women are nothing more than chattel - and yet, these women still keep going, a testament to

\"what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.\"

I recently taught a class for WIndows and their Survivors Art Circle on fear - befriending it, making it useful and ultimately learning how to live with it, for it never truly goes away. Women who have left their abuser even years and years ago, still have wounds and scars that are healing ... the beautiful thing to know about these women is that their courage and determination is remarkable - to never ever \"see themselves through his eyes\" again is a promise they keep to themselves and their children.

I applaud your efforts and would like to introduce you to a remarkable man named Victor La Cerva MD, who is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1984, VIctor co-created the new Mexico Men's Wellness Movement and works with young men mentoring them on how to be peaceful, not violent. If you would like to connect with him, please let me know - I will be seeing Victor next week and will make the introduction.

I wish you my best - please let me know how I can be of greater service - patricia varga, A Woman with Wings

Northern America
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