Miss Beatrice Wanjohi, a renewable energy technologist professionly and currently in sales

In my professional journey, I have transitioned from being a renewable energy technologist to working in sales with a bank. While this may not have been the path I initially envisioned for myself, I find fulfillment in my current role. My passion for renewable energy and sustainability has led me to join an upcoming NGO as a director, where I aim to contribute positively to my community by addressing critical issues such as climate change, unemployment, and poverty.The transition from a technical role in renewable energy to sales in the banking sector presented its challenges. However, I have embraced these challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. My hope is to leverage my diverse skill set and experiences to make a meaningful impact through the NGO. I aspire to drive initiatives that promote sustainable practices, create employment opportunities, and alleviate poverty within the community.As a director of the NGO, I am dedicated to spearheading projects that address climate change by promoting renewable energy solutions. Additionally, I am committed to developing programs that tackle unemployment and poverty, aiming to uplift individuals and families within the community. My ultimate goal is to foster positive change and contribute to the betterment of society through these initiatives.

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