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Moment of seclusion is time for action. Soiree at Slum

So I started to recite poetry, on the street, together with the people in front of an occupation.
Sunday I will be participating in a Live.

Dear sisters in these days so full of sadness, where familiar faces leave the scene, without saying goodbye, and we remain without embracing those who cry with our arms. Moments where a room turns into wings, wheels and we can travel, beyond our neighborhood. It is art that makes this dressing possible in the soul and allows us in the midst of so much pain to see the beauty of people's talent.

Soiree na Slum is making history. It is leaving my neighborhood, embracing Rio de Janeiro, going like flowers along the way and reaching other states and countries, and I work hard. Putting videos together, talking like the artists, making various edits. Observing sounds that were mixed with the daily life and that are now free from us, they do not fear viruses and are able to appear in the air with the diversity of their songs. It's sisters. I wake up early to hear and record the birdsong to make a soundtrack of some poetry recitations. My old machine stopped working, I bought another one and I already started making masks, today I started distributing the first ones, I got fabric to do more just like I get videos all the time. We are entering the houses with poetry, with music, with protection. These last two videos and I didn't translate them for lack of time. I already have videos saved for other soirees. I am very sad about the situation of the dumb and very happy to be bringing together talented people, to be part of a time of several people. Gratitude for everything I learn and learned here. Fraternal hugs and I love you.

At first it was just a poetry soiree, today it goes further, there are singers, composers, plastic artists, artisans ... But, what the poets liked was to see their poems translated. I think that the translation of a poem does not always manage to take the true content that the poet wants to pass on, but now I will try to continue translating the Saraus. I discovered that to write poetry is to take doses of medicine to maintain mental health and bring relief to people's pain.


Our soiree is already being quoted on blogs. Sunday I will be part of a live. My life is free because I am alive and safe at home

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