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Initiative Update

moving forward


moving forward, is paying forward.

I am always in love with the fact that ART has no boundaries, it has no rules, the idea is limitless and the creativity of every artist is priceless. Because of this belief, I am deeply motivated to move forward.

ETA is currently an awareness and fundraising campaign, a program that provides art workshop to low income people and art therapy for victim survivors of all forms of human rights violation. I am now working and do collaborations with other organizations,speaking engagements, spreading testimony about the power of ART.

I am forever grateful about all the learning's strength and inspiration from every single person that became a friend and family up to the communities that I am working with, world pulse family is always with me in this journey.

This year, I am on my way creating ETA program into asocial enterprise, I am really nervous about this, my heart is pumping fast every time I think about it. I still don’t know what’s my next step, what I know as of now is that I am very excited.

Thank you for believing in the power of ART.

Sharing links of ETA, Buklod Tao, Me and my Veg mouth and Batis-AWARE

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