Murdered on Vals Day💔💘

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Love when you get the Chance to💘


Nick Kunselman & Stephanie-Hart Grizzel were two beautiful individuals who were inseperable they loved each other. Love birds that's what they were in the eyes of those that knew them💘

Unfortunately this is the sad demise and tragic story of Nick and Stephanie😔

Until i give you details into their tragic story. Lets take a short journey on how they met and became an item💕💐. So Nick and Stephanie met in middle school and became friends quickly. It wasn't so long until they both attended Columbine High School and their frienship eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship. Both of them had similarities they both found interest in Art and loved to indulge themselves with any activity that involved the arts or music. Stephanie wanted to become a painter, a jeweler and an artist. Whereas Nick loved to play the guitar was very family-oriented, liked music and loved to play sports⚾🏈.

In 1999, students of Columbine school Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold walked onto the premises in trench coats with shotguns and armed with other type of guns. They killed thirteen people and hurt twenty-four people, then they took their lives.

Later on this heartbreak would get too close to home. Stephanie was doing her homework one night preparing for school the next day when she told her mum goodnight and later took her car and headed for, Subway Sandwich where Nick was working a midnight shift. At some point the two were alone when one gunman or multiple gunmen came to shoot the pair to the ground.

At one in the morning a subway co-worker was driving around when he noticed the lights were still on he found it a little bit odd, he also saw an uknown man slipping out at the back door. He later went on to check and he found the two shot to death behind the counter.


Why do you think they were targeted after their previous school shooting?

Why were they shot brutally by an unknown person on Valentines Day💕💐🌺?

Do leave your thoughts and opinions on the comment section below.....🤍💬

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