My 1 year walk with world pulse

Joining world pulse in September 2022 is one of the best things that has happened to my personal and professional life. The impact in my life is so huge that I can only be glad I joined this community.

The year has been filled with lots of achievements on this platform it has brought about a change in my community engagement as the various stories and initiatives shared by women, has inspired me and motivated me to continue impacting my country and my community.

Winning my first story award was something I couldn't believe. I never knew about story awards and the stipend accompanying it until I received an email from world pulse team attesting to my story award win. At first thought, I thought it was a scam but when I inquired from old members on the platform, I discovered it was true. Through this story award on ending period poverty, I got the motivation to pursue the fight against menstrual poverty through several initiatives. Being featured in a video to educate and talk about the various myths surrounding menstruation was another landmark in my professional career. I won a stipend of 100USD twice in one year and the money was used to carry out charitable activities in my non profit. I used it to purchase back to school material for underprivileged children in my community. Through world pulse 100 children were blessed with books, pens and other school stationary. Is that not amazing? Where else would I have got this?

When I was published as a featured author about my initiative on peace for young minds, I knew that I am a changemaker.

This 1 year has been intense. I have made valuable connections with one being getting in touch with Mordecaicare with whom we partnered for me to teach Nigerian girls how to make reusable sanitary pads in a bid to end menstrual poverty. I have also connected with several Cameroonians on world pulse who have joined the network of women led CSOs in Cameroon NEWOLEC that I recently created. Creating NEWOLEC is an inspiration I got from interacting with world pulse platform. I decided to create a platform where women leaders in Cameroon can come together, partner, network and amplify their actions.

World Pulse is a real place for support, connection, collaboration, visility and also a place to amplify the works we scivil society leaders do in our community. The various online trainings I took have given me the opportunity to strengthen and build my capacity in various domains and my work in my non profit foundation has greatly improved. The training Tuesdays have given me the opportunity to learn from Esteemed leaders like Kirthi Jayakumar who has become a role model to me.

I will like to express my gratitude to world pulse for the opportunity given to women around the world to share their stories. I know the import at role of story telling as it has the power to change the world. Our stories have impacted many lives, changed narratives and brought about development in our communities.

I hope that as I grow older in this platform, I will see my bagde count increase, win à spirit account and also be a digital ambassador because I will like to cascade the knowledge I have acquired with other women.

World Pulse is that fountain of inspiration that never ends, it is an abode for compassion and action with esteemed and distinguished women in society.

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