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My Ancestral Lineage Clearing Session

Hi there everyone, I wanted to share my recent, powerful healing session with the talented Ariann Thomas from Ancestral Lineage Clearing. I'd been looking for quite awhile on what was the next, best healing modality for me to clear more baggage, and to feel more me, freer and also to release the burdens and struggling feeling that I have, too.

These were Ariann's direct notes from the clearing, and I'm adding my ancestral clearing project drawing from what I experienced during the meditation, when connecting with my ancestors to clear the patterns that no longer serve me. Let me know if you have any questions, or would like to know more. I'd be happy to provide more feedback.

Session—Date: December 2, 2021

Present Issue: Worrying about what people think, worry, anxiety, and self-doubt, not feeling good enough and less than others. She always had feelings of inferiority. These issues led to perfectionism, the need to control, passive/aggressive behavior that interfere with success and loving relationships.

Intention to Seek Original Ancestor who lived his/her life feeling a lack of safety and security, unworthy, inferior, anxious, and self-doubt that created passive/aggressive tendencies, perfectionism, and the need to control the environment. Such doubt and worry blocked good health, success, abundance, and prosperity, and interfered with loving relationships. The ancestor didn’t trust themselves, others, or the Divine.

Journey: A woman with long blonde hair enclosed with a laurel wreath in a white and golden gown is waiting for her. The Angel asks Jill to follow her to a tepee or hut where 5 ancestors and sitting around a central fire. She is invited to sit on a mat with them. The Angel asks her what she wants. Jill replies,

            “I want to be free to stop struggling, to live in service, with peace, love, and abundance that is my birthright.”

The ancestors around the fire have long braids and are wise. They are there for support. They begin a ceremony for Jill.

They are rubbing a talisman, chanting, and passing a peace pipe.

They tell her to contemplate what she wants to release with mindfulness and without stress. She wants to release mental illness, not being seen or heard, feeling invisible, and struggling. The ancestors agree this pattern needs to shift. Jill doesn’t want to carry this forward for her daughter. The ancestors say they are here to help.

They hold hands and begin to chant calling on other ancestors, and animal spirits to help release.

They tell her to breathe like a hummingbird and put beads around her neck. A hand is placed on her head to reassure her. “You are one of us. You are following your purpose. We’ll help you, just stay calm.’ She says, “it is hard to be present.” Feelings of guilt and shame arise in her heart as she is exhausted.  Response, “We know. We are here to help release and heal these patterns.” Jill has had no mother figure or close friend she can open her heart to.

The ancestors support her. She is now wearing an Indian dress. The ancestors begin chanting loudly. One is rubbing her back to soothe her. They say, “This was never your burden to bear. We want you to be fee and happy. They will help.” Jill says it is hard to let go because she’s always had trust issues. The Ancestors tell her it is safe. We are proud you’ve done some hard work. It is necessary and part of your life’s work to release this. She feels the tension in her head and neck begin to release.

They take her to a pool of water for her baptism. “You are free. One with the Universe, a child of God. Let go of the resistance.” A hawk circles above. They say, “It is Done” and clap.

They take her back to the tent. Don’t doubt. Relax, breathe, and trust are their instructions. The ancestors will be there for you now and until your death. They send bear and hummingbird to help.

She hugs them all. Angel comes to guide her back to the Time Stream. They say goodbye and embrace. She asks if she is part indigenous. Yes.

Set in new energy within the next 30 days:

1. Symbol: Keep in your energy field for the next 30 days the symbol you have chosen and bring in the energy of your ancestor’s second lifetime to embed it into your emotional energy body: Key of Life or scarab, or both.

2. Affirmations: To reset your neocortex, repeat aloud in front of a mirror, 3 X a day for 30 days to set new energy into your mental field.

            I am free, happy, lovable, and safe in the arms of the Divine.

            I feel worthy and deserving of prosperity, abundance, happiness, and love at all times.

            I am supported and guided in following my life path for the highest good.

            I trust myself, my love, and my guidance to make the best decisions for me and my loved ones.

3. Project: Complete within 30 days: Draw and color the vision of the ancestors to embody the changed positive energy of the [meditation] into your physical energy field.

If you find you are having physical or emotional reactions to the session, such as restlessness, anxiety, depression, pain, sleeplessness, being more emotional or sensitive, I recommend you take these reactions into meditation and allow them to emerge and transform. Here is a free soothing feminine meditation that is beneficial in transforming our emotional wounds

Recommendations: We have now altered the DNA in your body and energy field for this issue. Science has now identified how the triggers of unwanted DNA can be altered permanently to shift such DNA codes for cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, depression, heart attack and relationship and other issues. Here are the scientific recommendations you can choose to shift your triggers:

Yoga—yoga has been shown to actually regenerate damaged DNA.

Meditation—find that still point within to connect to the Divine Source of energy and love for healing, abundance and transforming negativity daily will shift reality.

Exercise—30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week can shift negative DNA health issues.

Good food—organic fruits, vegetables, and meats (if you eat them) support good health and digestion.

Happiness—being happy changes your body chemistry and releases the triggers of negative health DNA. Here are some happy methods:

Music—music is a positive resonance that affects you at a cellular level.

Nature—soothes your soul, green is a positive and calming color, ground your energy field in the Earth.

Happy Photos—look at old photo albums of happy times with friends and family to remind you of the good times in your life.

Art—color visuals stimulate certain brain areas with chemical encouragement.

Relationships—meeting with positive family, friends and partners and sharing walks, holidays, meals, movies, or just good times can shift your chemical body and brain balance.

Blessings for continued health, prosperity, peace, happy relationships, joy, and love.


To learn more about Ariann Thomas and her work: - This is to verify that I have received permission from Ariann Thomas to release my ancestral lineage clearing notes above that she sent me on December 2, 2021.

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