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My Article

Vision of my life is, I want to be a \"change Maker\" for my community. In my community, I want to see every one has equal rights to live and enjoy the freedom. I want to see every one has own space to share, to choose, and to decide for their lives. I want to change the customs, and all those rituals that undermine women’s and girls rights. My struggle want to change all those cultural practices are create inequality and discrimination among women and men and whole society. Such as: unequal resources and unequal power distribution. I want change the thinking among my communities that honor is not to kill women or men, but honor is to save the humanity and create peace.
When I was child I was living in village many times in a year; and, I felt like I’m going to play in wonderland. My all friends were very much loving and caring to me. We were playing and chat all day long and never get tired. It was so much fun. Then, my parents moved to city because in village there was not school girls high school. My parents want me to get more education. I lost my friends. All my girls friends were smart and intelligent. However, their parents can not afford their education or move to other cities. It was not easy for poor people to continue children education within limited resources. So, many of my girls friends could not get chance to continue education. One of very best friend Rehana she got married when she was 16 years old. Now she has 6 children, and her health is always not good. She is getting old before her age. I have many examples like Rehana. Many girls get marry in their innocent age. They do not see their childhood age. They can not refuse against parents will. I want to change my community’s culture girls early marriages, so many girls like my best friend Rehanna should not suffer health problems in so early age and could not enjoy their childhood. I want to demand girls’ full security. Because, if some parents to take courage to send girls to school there is no security on the road
I want be voice of my girls my community. Because, I am from them and I have experiences all structural discrimination social and gender inequality. I want be strong voice for all women, girls. I want to establish a women and girls empowerment platform of action, where we all can raise voice for girls’ education, health, and equal rights and equal distribution of resources. Today, through World Plus I want make commitment and dedicate my time, energy and my voice for all girls. So, they won’t get through like Rehana, and for all women so they won’t kill like my friends mother under the name of honor. I want to announce that I am establishing the Platform of Women Empowerment (WE). I want support from all of you to support my voice, support of struggle. So, no body take courage to kill women under the name of honor, and save girls before they our customs and culture destroy them.
I want to change the thinking of those parents who think that girls don’t have right to get education; they think girls have not freedom to choose the life, they can not be part of family decision. I want to aware my community that every one has right to live with full of freedom. I want to see all mothers educated who can understand the problems of their daughters either they repeat what they suffer in their own life

South and Central Asia
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