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To thine own self be true.” In order to be true to yourself, you must think about your entire self, not just the parts that make you look or feel great. ( William Shakespeare) 1. If you are truthful when viewing yourself, then you can see similarities between yourself and others. 2. To be extreme is to have flaws, as well as great qualities. What I do? "I do" means to me what I can do for myself and for others while I am working or most people think only about money when talking about jobs or employment. But job or employment means to be giving my best , all energy , knowledge having self satisfaction for what I have being paid by working. This is my vision dream being honest in everything I do and everywhere I live with everybody. My pride? My bravery is my strength which I m so proud of and also it is inherited. I am not afraid to stand for what is right and wrong work for it. Helping others is my passion regardless of age, colour, nationality, Religion etc. Security?- Everywhere is not bad as I have been appreciated by some places and people, it also depends on the mentality of people and places. Sometimes it gives opportunity me to be self conscious , identify myself in various ways. The Church, my voluntary places make me feel safe and secure. Always try to protects me from harm giving me an opportunity involve and be together with them. Help ? I am an open minded person and I have experience living with mix culture and it is a great advantage to understand who are the people I can trust and can ask help or suitable for helping me. Its not the size that matters but the quality, Adventure- I am very curious person and like learn new things and to meet new people. Like to share my ideas as well as gain the others' ideas. This is one of the main parts of quality that I have and I admire. "To applause we need two hands therefore we cannot live life alone we need each other".

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