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my biggest impact

mahilao ke sath kaam karana shuru kiya . to dekha ki unake pass roj ka ghar ka kaam , majduri, shaym ko shrabi pati ki maar khana . is sthihti mein jaye to kaha  kyu sehati sirf ek ghar ke liye bas ek chat ke liye .. wo dekhkar mujhe  laga ki mera apana ek ghar ho jaha mein surkshshit mehsus  karu .jahna se koi mujhe bahar na nikal sake . tab mere liye jamin  lekar ghar banana ek chunauti thi .us chunoti ko svikar karake mein paise jama kiye aur jamin kharidi.  saare dastavej banana kuch asan kaam nahi tha . mna kehati thi \" tu ladaki  hai ghar kaise banayegi , jamega tere sse ,thekedar  batein  karana , saari batein bahot muskil hoti hai .\" ismein mujhe meri choti behen ne madat ki .kaafi dikkato ke baad mera sapana sakar hua . jisase mein kafi svatantr mehsus karti hu. apane ma ke saath is ghar mein rehati hu . 



My Biggest Impact

When I first started working with women, I noticed the kind of life they were living: working hard all day long and then, in the evening, getting beaten up by an alcoholic husband. Where could they go for help? They tolerated this life only because they needed a home, a roof over their head.

After observing these women's situation I realized that I too had a dream and that was to have a home where I could be secure, from where nobody could throw me out. At that time, it was a huge challenge for me to buy land to build my own home. But I accepted this challenge and started to save money until I had enough to buy a plot of land. Getting all the documents needed for this wasn't easy for me. My mother used to tell me, 'you are a woman, how can you do all this, how can you find a contractor. Its very difficult.\"

But my younger sister helped me and after a lot of difficulties, finally I had my dream come true. Since then I have been feeling independent and living in my own house with my mother.

Summary: I feel, my biggest impact has been to change my own attitude towards my abilities and overcome all hurdles to fulfil a dream.

Economic Power
Gender-based Violence
South and Central Asia
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