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My Body My Choice

Talking to amazing entrepreneurs in Yaoundé about practicing self compassion.
Talking with entrepreneurs and professionals (Ladiesafterwork network) on how self love can lead to success.

I wake up today and look at the world different.

I look straight into a mirror and tell myself I maybe different but I am beautiful all the same and I am going to keep on loving myself through it all.

This was not the case some years back. Tv, magazines, people called me names and shamed me simply because I have more hair on my body than most women.

I was called unclean and ugly by a man who couldn’t have his way with me. I shaved my legs over and over with razors so I could blend in.

But there came a day I said “enough today I choose to stand out and be me.” Thanks to world pulse I got the courage to write a letter to all body shamers and that is where the action began.

This journey of loving and accepting myself has been a long painful, exciting and uncertain one. Through it all I learnt I am the only one who can love me and this love can spread to others.

Being a coach my job is to teach others how to  become successful in personal and professional life. I realised from those I have had the privilege to work with that the major problem is not the business or the job or the clients or employers.. it is themselves. The relationship they have with themselves for the most part is unhealthy and this spews over into their activities and relationships.

To solve this I put together steps which I have been using personally to help Ladies get out of self criticism into self compassion.

”Loving yourself to Success”is a dream I have nursed in my heart for sometime now and I am so glad God ha given me the opportunity to actualise this and to share with amazing women some of these steps.

I believe that People who love themselves genuinely are also confident in themselves and they tend to be more resilient, optimistic, self-reliant and innovative. They also typically make better decisions throughout their career;

1)We have to love  WHERE WE ARE FROM (from God - source) & WHO WE AM (a child of God, a daughter, a wife, an entrepreneur, a mother...)  

2) Love WHAT WE HAVE (OUR gifts and talents)


4) Love WHAT WE REPRESENT (OUR convictions, values, ideals and philosophy)

5) Love the WAY WE AM (OUR looks and personal disposition)

6) Love to TAKE GOOD CARE OF OURSELVES (OUR body, spirit and soul) 

These are the six steps to loving yourself to success and I am confident that every woman who hears this will emerge stronger and more confident. 

Success begins for you the day you realise how much you love yourself.

It is not how people love or do not love you, it is how you love yourself.

The love of people for us does not determine our destiny, only God’s love


“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world”

Lucille Ball


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