My first Encouragers Party on World Pulse.

I saw the link for the first Encouragers party , registered and looked forward to it.

I had read stories, really great stories that inspired me form the World Pulse site, but never experienced in a live before.

At the time I registered for this particular meeting, I was still new to zoom meetings so I was a little nervous amidst my excitement at meeting people whose stories were so powerful and educative.

Power failure was another challenge i had to face. I wanted a well lit room, but power could disappoint at anytime.

On getting on the live, I was told it was okay if I wanted to turn off my video. What a relief that was for me. The atmosphere was friendly and it was like friends meeting and chatting over tea. I felt safe. That was key for me.

That put my heart to rest and I enjoyed every bit of the video conference l. I had opportunity to read stories and share my thoughts on it.

Meeting in the break out room further gave me the opportunity to closely interact with 5 more ladies.

Dawn and Ana were so welcoming and I knew that first day that I would make it to any video conferencing on World Pulse as I had the time and opportunity.

I am better at using the icons on zoom now.

Have you been on any live before? You should. You have much to learn and share.

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