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My Hero and My Inspiration

I have many heroes and I think every person is, since they decide to fight for their dreams and make a declaration of faith about life, that is always uncertain. But since Hipatia from Alexandria until my own mother, my favorite hero is absolutely my daughter Constance. She was born when I was 18 and become a single mother. In a very conservative environment I was afraid about how to raise her. Of course, it was difficult, neither the laws, the social opinion, the strict catholic values was hepful. I've already seen the bad consecuences for the life of a teen mom in the case of my friend Patricia.

The worst part was for Constance anyway. She must to suffer isolation in the school, be pointed with the finger from the part of their classmates, bullying from some teachers cause I was not married. Finally, being a good student she was expulsed from the school, and all this before 12 years old.

But she had and has, a special way to see life. She never has accused me to put her in those bad situations, instead I've always received support, compasion and love from her. Even when I one day I had to leave her under the caring of my parents, to go work abroad. She never showed me hatred, to be resentful. I passed uncountable minutes blaming on myself. One day, being in Peru for work I received a Mother's day card from her saying:

\" Mommy: I love you and the most wonderful thing about you is your courage to pursuit happiness for both of us. Sometimes people is cold hearted and like to punish other for their decisions but that's the cost courage people must to pay to follow her personal and genuine path to happiness. In the distance I am with you and will never let you down\".

That day I found out not only I had a daugther,also a soul-mate. A companion, a friend and a wise human being.

When she was 13 she told me she wanted to become fashion designer and study in Buenos Aires. I promised here if when she was 17 she still wanted that I will help her. At 17 and still dreaming about that so we moved to Buenos Aires. She passed a lot of burocratic steps and lots of interviews and talking with people not always with the willing to help her. She was more than one year going time after time to the Dean office, wainting for hours sometimes just to receive a \"please comme the next month\". But she never gave up and she never showed anger. She took all with patience and faith. Finally she get an opportunity to study and now we are in Buenos Aires and she is going to the university to become Insh'allah a Fashion Designer.

I loved her a lot but also, I started to admire her for all this. I understood she was able to turn all the bad feelings and behave she receive from others in wisdom and lessons for her life. Taking every person as a teacher for good and bad but always useful experiences for life, has made of her a clear-spirit, generous, faithful,strong,positive and balaced person.Being an adult, even until now, I have sometimes problems to be all that easily. I've learned from her about forgiveness, love and effort to achieve my dreams. And after all, she show herself thankful for her life. As she says: \"Maybe we are afraid, but we must fight for our happiness, cause heaven is for everyone but we must to show we deserve it!\"

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