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My Heros!

The word Hero is referred to who? Sometime I feel i don't have any heros because none comes to my life but shamefully, I forgot to think about my parents as i think the word Hero is referred to other else who don't close with me like my parents. Now I found that my parents are my real heros as they always stay by my side whenever i have troubles. and other people around me who give me know the world are also my heros.

Why i said they are my heros? Because none can die for me but my parents can. I remember when i was 13 years old, I was extremely sick and the doctor said I was not be rescued. My parents were so frighten and couldn't control their feeling until they were unconscious but luckily my life is so wonderful that i have time to be alive in this wonderful world. I don't mean that Hero must be the one who can die for us but i just want to show my emotion and gratefully to my parents as they are the people who give me birth, raise me big and send me to school until i finish university even they are so poor and never think that i'm able to raise my voice in PulseWire like this too.

My father is just a worker who earns money so little per day. Even he knows that that money is so little for supporting the family but he has never forced me to drop my study because he doesn’t want me to be uneducated like him. He just hopes in one day when I get higher education, I can use my knowledge to earn money to support my family and also develop the country. He never says that he is so tired and difficult to send me to school, he never says that he is having trouble with the income, he never says that he is getting sick even he is being sick…. so everything he has done, he just wants his daughter become a literate person and has a good job in the future and he never wants something back from me beside encourage me to study hard and be a good person in society.

My mother ever sold ice but now she is having an illness because of that kind of selling was so hard or because of raising me to be big with good education. Now she is only at home. She cannot do anything hard besides cooking. I’m so pity my mother much because after she eats something ready, she cannot walk or stand up unless in the next 2 hours so she has to sit down after she eats food. Everything she has done and her illness because of raising me to be big with the hope that I can become a literate person in society. Moreover, she always encourages me all time I feel I’m hopeless to do anything because my weakness is English and everywhere needs English language so she always encourages me to study more and more until I get my goal.

My parents are my real heros in my life and always be my side. Beside my real heros PARENTS, people around me such as my teachers, my friends, my country, my neighbors, PulseWire, and others people are also my heros. You give me warm, give me voice, give me idea, more and more so the word HERO is so wide for me.

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