My journey

Chinyanta Nkonde Isabela, driven by an unwavering passion for community service, embarked on a transformative journey last November. In a heartfelt pursuit of uplifting women and girl children within her communities, she founded the National Rural Youth Empowerment Program under the Rural Development initiative. This program sets its sights on bolstering food security, rights, and resilience among rural women and children.

Despite the introduction of free education in her country, I recognized that children in rural communities were still deprived of essential school necessities. Determined to bridge this gap, her program harnesses cooperative advantages from partners and sponsors to enhance socioeconomic opportunities for these communities.

Education, a cornerstone of societal progress, holds a special place in My vision. Her program aims to secure the right to education for rural children, ensuring the continuous acquisition of profound knowledge, skills, and capabilities. Recognizing the pivotal role of early childhood education, she strives to improve the cognitive, physical, and social development of children aged 3-7, setting the stage for a seamless transition to primary schooling. And help improve other grading children from 8-18 years continue to develop and grow.

Conducting a survey within rural communities revealed a stark reality – children lacked fundamental educational resources such as books, shoes, bags, uniforms, pens, and pencils. Undeterred, I identified agriculture as a powerful tool for empowerment and job creation, particularly for youths and mothers. By integrating agriculture into her program, she envisions building a brighter future for both children and the rural communities.

In a gesture of compassion, my initiated donations for the children, laying the foundation for positive change. Her fervent hope is to inspire others to join hands as partners and sponsors, fostering a collaborative effort towards a better future for these often-overlooked rural communities. Through her touching story, I aspire to spark a chance of change for every reader, inviting them to contribute to the transformative journey she has embarked upon.

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