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My Journey: Amplifying Lawlessness

In every angle and curve of the silent mountain roads down to the busy plains of the city life there are many tales of abuse waiting to be told. And in its every shade lies the shadows, the ugliness behind these stories of human rights abuses yet to unfold.

When I was in my elementary days I used to write journals of scathing emptiness, drudge myself in my emollient cave every time my male classmate beat me or I saw something that was unwelcome in my naked eyes. The environment where I grew up reflects poverty and most everywhere you will hear sighs at dusk from farmers that worked hard from daybreak to sundown. Cries from the hungry children who waits for their food. And the mothers, who covered their undone basic responsibilities as parents through scolding because they were jobless, primary graduates who were not aware of what they were into as long as they knew it was what the women before them were doing, so they just went with the flow. My mom was not around to explain all these things to me so I just sat alone and wrote my thoughts on paper about a particular thing I saw and hated those days.

As I grew up, I could see how my Dad helped our neighbors. Having been one of those few who had a vehicle, my father sometimes woke up in the middle of the night to help our neighbors who were going to give birth or were in an emergency state that needed to be rushed to the only hospital in town. I have seen people die due to simple diarrhea or fever that because they were refused treatment because of lack of finances to pay the hospital bills.

When I quit school, I saw the frustration and sadness in my parent’s eyes. For the only hope that we, their children, will not suffer the hardships they went through is through education and I failed them. But the worst loneliness was when I took up my empty and sad life in Hong Kong.

All my life I always took strength in prayer, even though life wasn’t good to me, I always ask God for strength and guidance to be of help to his children in need. He heard my prayers few years back and has used my talent to voice out the cries of his abused people. From a failure, (that I thought I was) he made me known internationally. I myself never expect these things will happen to me. All I know is that writing is my hobby, it’s my release. I write for myself, for other people because I enjoy it and I am happy doing it. I write not for fame or money but to help.
At 26, I no longer hear the sighs inside me nor my heavy footsteps on the whim. For I was lead by God to a path where I can see a lot of suffering, so much greater when compared to mine. The communities where I belong have many wrongs. Most of us were treated the lowest of the low. I have come to know the cancer patients, the abused women, or simply those women crying on the street due to financial/emotional problems.

I was introduced to the people like Mr Stewart Sloan at the Asian Human Rights Commission, Ms Lois Herman of WUNRN (Women's UN Report Network) and others who deal with the issues of the world. I then started to write for them and have voiced out the cries of the burning brides, women stoned to death, teenage/underage prostitutes, slaves, victims of female genital mutilation, acid attack victims and many more.

I am still praying that someday in my own little way, I can move the world with my words, that women and children will be treated with love, care and respect, that women will be given rights equal to men, for we were all born equal. I hope that the disadvantages of the cultural/religious beliefs that are usually the reason for the death and injustice of many women all over the world will be realized and will be improved for the good of all.

I am here, trying my luck to become a Voice of the Future Correspondent, to share the lawlessness that my eyes have seen through my writing. God led me here like He led me to Asian Human Rights Commission, to WUNRN, so more people can hear the stories of his poor children, stories that have been untold before. I have touched lives of many through my work and I was hoping to improve more through pulsewire. As long as I have the opportunity to learn and enhance my knowledge, I am willing to overcome the hardships, for God, for his oppressed people, for his world.

South and Central Asia
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