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My Journey and My Belief

A month ago, I and my cousin brother were planning to design website. This concept was brought by him and he wanted my suggestion and involvement. Computer Technology is widespread technology and so people generally get specialized in few selective sectors. It is all about interest and curiosity and practice that make one confident with this technology. During my career making, every time I only got opportunity to work with database. So despite my interest on web design, mostly I was engaged in handling database. I was enjoying this work and was much confident, in other hand I was looking forward to work on web. I even put my desire to my friends who are working on this sector. So when my cousin came with such exciting proposal I was really happy to be part of that. He is Civil Engineer and working as GIS specialist. Since it was side job for both of us, we used to work on our planning after our office. It was really challenging for me, as I have 2 years old son who really need my love and attention when I am back home. So I manage to work whenever he is asleep or whenever he is playing with my husband. I found that compare to my prior knowledge and understanding about web related stuffs I found that technology has been easier and user friendly during past few years. I happen to realize and explore the fascinating platform of web technology.

Web to me is free and open space for all level and all kind of people, so the main thing is that how one uses it. It is open school for one who wishes to make oneself academically strong. It is open market for one who wishes to be economically strong. Moreover it is open area for one who wishes to feel empowered.

Luckily again I was notified by my senior office colleague about Web 2.0. He was working on a project named MEDIA (Media Empowerment for Democratic Information Access) funded by US Department of State-Bureau of Human Rights, Democracy and Labor- DRL. He told me that it would be better for me to be a part of Web 2.0 as it could help me support the project by enhancing my skill in web design. I was energized by his information and started exploring about Web 2.0 and finally I am a member of World Pulse and an applicant of Web 2.0.

During my journey to Web 2.0, I found myself blessed with other women from all around the world through their supportive, appreciative comments. I never knew them earlier but now I feel as if I have got friends from different countries with different social value, norm and culture. Knowing each other, sharing ones feeling and learning with each others can make bonding between women strong enough to fight all the rooted evils like Violence Against Women. "Together we can"- This is my belief and I hope everyone believe on that too.

South and Central Asia
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