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My Life and Legendary Hope

Another sleepless night passed. ‘Why am I so upset?’ She thought restlessly. There wasn’t even a single trace of tiredness or sleeplessness in her eyes. Only the stress, the remorse, and the confusion reflected through her sad wide awaken eyes. Suddenly, her blank mind flashed Steve job’s statement: ‘Connect the dots. And connect them backward’. She tried to do the same with her life. Connecting her life incidents from dot to dot, but her life is still shapeless. it’s still not making sense. ‘It’s still a maze … where am I lost? it’s still a labyrinth which I have climbed half way through… may be half way!!!; and still it’s endless. In fact, I can imagine myself at the edge of black hole and looking back at ‘Steve jobs’ dots’. Waooo! She was surprised at her own thoughts… she knows everything from Steve jobs’ motivational speech to Stephen Hawking’s discoveries, but never knew her own world. ‘Stephen Hawking’s also discovered, from these black holes new worlds emanate’… her thoughts were again trailing what Stephen Hawking claimed; ‘and I think I am at the edge of black hole too…she again linked her life with another latest famous well heard inspiration, then according to his theory there should be new world of opportunities emanating for me’. She thought switching her gaze from dots connecting the past events to black hole of her life, trying to catch on a clue, a hint even a gist to let her know where is she heading to and what is future holds for her? A new opportunity from dark holes or outcome of connecting dots? Something that can help to get her out of this misery. She closed her eyes and thought dejectedly: ‘I wish my world is also discovered, explored and invented by someone ... someone who is passionate about my world, someone who is committed like Steve jobs and Stephen Hawking with theirs… then may be mystery of my life will be solved and give me my peace of mind’. And she rested her head helplessly on the table and closed the eyes. May be this is the best solution she could think of at that moment!!

South and Central Asia
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