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My Man...Web 2.0!

If I was to use an analogy to describe the power of Web 2.0. I would describe it as the man that every woman dreams of. A man who makes us laugh, takes care of us, is romantic and never forgets the anniversaries. He takes out the trash and takes care of the kids. And after a long day, after slaving away and making the perfect meal , he will do the dishes take out the trash put the kids to bed, run his woman a hot bath and rub her feet.

Web 2.0. is what the world needs. It is the solution that every organisation needs to stay relevant, relay their needs and deeds online. And also provide reliable and real time information on the impact of their work. And the challenges they face.

If you want to fundraise, source for volunteers, speak out about an ill and rally people to support you and make noise about it. You have it all literally 140 characters away.

For so long women, especially in Africa have relied on power wielding politicians to speak up of their plight and resolve social tensions or imbalances. But with Web 2.0. My blog entry, my Facebook status updates or tweets can raise people’s attention to what is going on in the ground. And within no time I can create the necessary uproar and attention to receive assistance in areas of abuse, or raise the need for aid to build local schools in the area.

The tools available in the Web 2.0 platform have given me an opportunity to raise issues that concern my community to an international platform. As a journalist issues that traditional media would not publish. I have found socially aware and consious sites, online, such as Global Press Institute, who publish my stories and raise awareness on societal matters that matter to local communities in my country. From exploited strippers in Nairobi, to abused and illegally detained Kenyan-Somalis in Northern Kenya.

What I love the most about it is that with Web 2.0. you don’t need to have to hold PhDs in IT or be eloquent speakers. All I need to do is be able to type clearly and be connected to the internet and everybody who requires the information gets it as soon as I hit the ‘send’ button. I have met editors who know me from encountering my work online and taken me seriously as a journalist in reporting on objective issues that are pertinent to the Kenyan populace.

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