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My Personal Asset Map

My personal dream is a better life for me and my community. I believe that the socio-economic development and respect for human rights is key to ensure a better world for future generations.

I am proud of my skills in social, organizational and environmental communication, added to that the understanding of the importance and mastery of social media. This is an ability that most men and women do not possess, due to the non Internet penetration in my country. I combine these skills to provide solutions to realize my dream. Today, with the women of my NGO, I develop communication strategies on social media and face to face communicationto ensure that they have access to land and they are actively involved in major decision-making in their local community, likeincommunity forestry.

Being a member of a women's NGO, I feel goodin our officewithall of them, especiallywhen we share our experiences and our strategies, and propose methods to solve a problem or complete an activity. The women I work with have a wealth and untapped knowledges to provide solutions in non-developed countries. And when anaction leaded by women is successful, men in my community are surprised on what women can do,that situation can make themunhappy as women are highlighted because its traditional place is into the family. Traditionally, it is the man who cares about the welfare of the community not women.

My father is fabulous and exceptional because he is tne onewho encouraged me to study and work, so that each time I ask him for advice on how to approach the issue. It is different from men in my community because it supports women in their step as it recognizes their expertise and their importance in the community, beyond its traditional importance is to take care of the family. Professionally, I am with my friend and resource mentor, Chouchouna, who convinced me to put my knowledge for the sake ofwomen, because she has a lot of experience in gender and environment in addition to a deep and sincere conviction.

I am fortunate to be part of a great community like WorldPulse, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, and more associations and platforms within my community. Thus, I intend to use these resources to advance the rights of women, especially regarding access to land and take account of their concerns in decision-making entities.

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