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My story

I am an Egyptian girl and I have a 19-year student at the Faculty of Information, I am an ambitious person and I love the process of helping others like what they did with me and become who I am, so that anyone can achieve the ambitious.

And angers me what is happening in front of me from the habits and ideas of error from which the circumcision of girls and cruelly Mammelthm Mammeltha, violence and the object does not understand it, you hear stories of girls my friends and I know the failure of ideas.

I am I have never been like this before, but I felt anger toward those who do it negatively affects my friends, girls I decided that I must have an opinion and the voice to express them, I am encouraged by my family on that and because the others did not receive as received, so I want to be the voice every girl has been unable to express their views even to people close to them.

I started looking for training courses in journalism and photography and directed documentary films even qualify me to My goal in order to song by all means available to the voices, during the flight search on the websites identified on the network of international journalists and since the vision of the Declaration on the session Altdest made immediately it so I can be an effective voice in Mojtay Specials, the world in general and discuss all the issues that occur upon media blackout.

I want to be able to every Arab girl to express their views frankly in each viewforum and only without the fear of one or compliance with restrictions of society, women have seen and see the future like a man and forget some of the man that's where it is one of raised him up to become men after this is forbidden on the opinion and Adjaha do not understand anything Although he understood the world through them.

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