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My Vision for persons with clubfoot- "World Clubfoot Day 2021"

I am a clubfoot survivor, Founder of the organisation, Community Association for Venerable Persons, CAVP, on this day (3rd June- “World Clubfoot Day”), I raise my voice for all persons living with clubdfoot to urged government to put in place inclusive policies that take into consideration persons born with the condition. I am grateful to the Guardian Post Newspaper that granted me an interview giving me the opportunity to raise awareness.

As I commemorate this day I “Shout my Vision” on how I want to support women/girls with disabilities, women/girls living with HIV/AIDS and single mothers to be digitally empowered and break all barriers of stigma, marginalization and discrimination. This day is being commemorated worldwide today June 3rd. Besides the need for inclusive policies to favour persons born with clubfoot, I also call on communities to adopt inclusive approaches to deal with persons born with the defect. It has come to my notice that most people undermine the birth defect not knowing that it usually has an impact on a child operating at full capacity.

To address issues of neglect and exclusion, I urge, policies to be flexible and inclusive to permit the effective inclusion and participation of persons who have clubfoot. I continue to raise awareness and sensitisation with best practices for empowering and including persons with clubfoot. Families and communities should support children/persons with clubfoot, giving them the opportunity to take part in all community life activities/events.

Clubfoot is a “disability because it has participation and functional limitation to the person living with it. I work closely with experts and service providers such as the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, CBCHS, Physiotherapy Research and Treatment Centre (PRESTREC), , Bonaberi, Douala, Saint Joseph’s Children and Adult Home (SAJOCAH) and other service providers that have put in place a system that has advanced in treating the defect to help persons with clubfoot and persons with disabilities access the adequate services that will meet their specific needs. As a clubfoot advocate, I advised that, once a child is born, he or she should be critically examined so as to identify any abnormalities from birth and take on early intervention.

Breaking new grounds

I have great interest and passion as a clubfoot survivor in crusading for the rights of persons living with disabilities. I have overcome my clubfoot and I am breaking barriers for children born with clubfoot and other forms of deformities, women and girls with disabilities and the entire community of persons with disabilities in Cameroon. My passion “to contribute to meaningful and informed interventions with other stakeholders for empowerment of persons with disabilities is unstoppable”.


Despite being treated of my defect and have expanded my campaign for vulnerable persons I still face occasional challenges like abnormalities on my foot structure and function that is affecting me in diversified ways. Also based on the surgical treatment of my clubfoot I often experience pain, stiffness, and disabling deformity affecting my functional walk and causing me to face shoe wear issues.

Cost of living with defect

It is very costly living with a clubfoot because my shoes are expensive and must undergo orthopedic adjustments before, I wear them. I am unable to wear some specific shoes as my fellow women. I have limitations in participating in some daily activities that require a lot of energy and physical use of my legs; if caught in any danger, I am unable to run.

My Source of inspiration

Irrespective of the hurdles, I have developed resilience, serving as a source of inspiration to other vulnerable persons. My vision and areas of interest is to also touch on the girl child and women, extending to persons infected by the HIV/AIDs. I have passion in doing things that make me happy like building my spiritual life, serving God, digitally empowering women and girls living with disabilities, women and girls living with HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable women; Offering psychosocial support and building self-esteem for others”

“ I Am Powered for Change and Unstoppable”

Veronica Ngum

Founder @ CAVP


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