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I gave myself an ultimatum that my life needed to take a different course. I was tired of people’s rejection and questioning my life, I felt a need for a break from the past. Two years a go I made a spiritual decision for my life, God changed my heart and gave me favor with those who rejected me. He took up from where I had reached because I had exhausted all efforts. Then in church I was introduced to a woman of peace programme.Its a three months programme that helps women to forgive and work towards internal healing, it’s during this time that I realized there is a purpose for my life, a purpose to make a difference to myself and in every person I interact with.
I found a ground to reflect on my life, and strive to make a positive improvement in my body, mind, and emotions. To value and live in a manner that shows respect for all human beings, so that those around me may be influenced and encouraged positively and fruitfully, to enhance the lives of those I meet, by helping them face the demanding and challenging situations. I will do this by continuing my education so that I may continue to grow, learn and make progress that will be beneficial in my relationship with my family, other people and the environment.
My environment is important to me; why because it revolves around the people I care about. They are my family, my friends, and my neighbors; my future is influenced greatly by my community that’s why my lifes vision goes hand in hand with the vision I have for my community. Where opportunity for power and money are in the hands of many and not the few. An opportunity where woman earn a living just like men. A community where there is opportunity for education for all including girls who drop out of school due to pregnancy .Where families, especially single mothers are not left without support. Where people have power to decide in the community. Where lives are not ruined by crime and liberty for women is real. My community plays a big role in decision making I therefore know that the vision for my people applies entirely to what I would want to see in my country and beyond a country where there is respect for humanity, where there is equal distribution of resources. A country which works to meet the need of the poor especially the unemployed women who work hard to feed their families. I would want to see women acquire skills necessary for business for example tailoring and hairdressing
When I joined World pulse, I was actually looking for an opportunity to study community development, or related studies. A scholarship to be precise, its part of what I would want to do in the coming years. I want to work with women, I don’t see myself doing what am doing now in the next four years, I want to join the women movement by getting involved fulltime,and by being in the Voice of our future Correspondent i hope to get insights,mentorship and skills to enable me be part and parcel of what is happening in the lives of other women.

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