My World Pulse family inspires me

As a survivor of sexual violence, I feel misunderstood at times. Sometimes I don't even know how to express myself to some people when I feel really low and need someone to talk to. Sometimes it feels as though I'm suffocating and can't breath. I withdraw into a place where I begin to ask myself questions which I have no answers for. Sometimes I hide my feelings because some people never understand that I have low moments too. Some people always assume I am ever strong and don't need someone to talk to. It's not always that I have everything figured out, some days I need a shoulder to lean on too. 
The effects of sexual violence are deeper than many think, the pain can be unbearable and hard to deal with especially without a good support system. That is why it takes many people a long time to share their experiences. Many fear to be mocked and called names. It is just never easy to talk about a traumatic experience, it takes super courage. As survivors we get to relive the experience and that is a hard thing to do yet some people will laugh at us or underestimate our struggles and pain.  
I am glad that I am part of the World Pulse family,  I know I can always talk to a sister who will understand and not judge me. I know I can come here and express myself, I know that I won't be called names. I have met amazing women here, women who understand me and together we are stronger everyday. I am thankful everyday to my World Pulse sisters ,I am happy to connect with many World Pulse sisters on different social media platforms. 
I want to say thank you World Pulse for this amazing platform, I feel accepted here and loved. When I need encouragement, I know I can always count on you my lovely sisters and your amazing stories are truly inspirational. I am Proud to belong to the World Pulse community. 

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