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Nairobi Women reach out for The Rafiki Club

Dear Rafiki
On 11th February 2010 Project Africa introduced The Rafiki Club to a group of business women living in Nairobi, Kenya. The women who organized themselves to launch the Rafiki Program in their neighbourhood mentioned that their interest in the Rafiki club comes handy in their business as they view Rafiki Club as platform for networking , exchange of ideas and extension of markets for their products and services which they intend to sell both locally and abroad.
The event was facilitated by Project Africa’s founder and Director Lindy Wafula who was assisted by Assistant Project Leader Sabina Saiti and Development mentors Heather Barkley and Sarah Young from Canada.
The event was graced with pomp and colour as the women sang and danced to usher in the spirit of friendship. The rafiki aged between 36 and 60 years begun by introducing themselves , their lines of trade and their life goals. Ms. Vicky Fwaya the groups coordinator is a weaver of hand made table mats and baskets, she has opened the doors of her house to host the Rafiki club sessions. The other women included: Ms Vivian Ndege a cateress by profession who also baked a cake decorated specially for the Rafiki Club participants. Ms. Scholastica was matched with rafiki Beth Cotton from Canada while Mama Sofia Ambetsa found a new friend, our own sister Drita from Sweden.

By the end of the rafiki session the women had been paired and had the chance to write their introductory letters to their international Rafiki. With this new development the rafiki Club is now present in Nairobi City. Our numbers are growing from the remote villages of lungalunga, Godo, Perani , Shianda and other found in rural Kenya where Rafiki aids in the empowerment of women in literacy to the confines of the busy city life in Nairobi where career women are have a thirst for developing new skills in entrepreneurship.

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