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Native Women Rising

Hello, I am First Nations from Canada. I was a victim of abuses from residential school and from domestic violence.When I finished university I worked in the area of justice and realized I was not the only native woman feeling the isolation and impact of violence, with the lack of services available to us!I paid my way through university, worked and raised two children alone.

I started campaigning for Native Women and Human Rights about 30 years ago across Canada with human rights forums, pubic presentations, workshops, and talking circles.

"Misogyny" means men that have a deeply rooted hatred toward women, and say things in a sexist and dominating tone or his character and behavior toward women being beneath them! I am not allowed to use big words in my community, because big complex words itself is a form of discrimination when speaking to native people whom more than likely speak two languages but do not know what words like "misogyny".mean', I speak in plain language at home. Men that feel women are lowly, and have a certain place within society! That would be also be a form of patriarchy too. The Indian Act is totally patriarchal with deeply rooted policies of misogyny, racism and discrimination that leaves native women helpless and voiceless with no control over their lives giving way for desperate poverty and violence toward them. Its time for international advocacy and unity of women to end violence against women.

The justice system of Canada failed Native Women, so I continue to campaign for Human Rights at a national and international level to create awareness and gain international support. World Pulse gives me the opportunity to connect with strong female advocates world-wide.

The justice system requires reconciliation within the layers of policy and legislation of Canada.

Justice entanglement from Canada and First Nations Women; "Women's legal status as First nations citizens could be unilaterally and irrevocably stolen by federal legislation that allowed their fathers or husbands to make decisions on their behalf. This regulation was major affront to women's autonomy - women had no recourse if their father or husband sold them out of status. It also seriously undermined the matri-lineal descent rule of many tribes by giving men authority to decide whether or not their families would retain First Nations membership. This voluntary enfranchisement provisions remained in effect until 1985."

First Nations Women are experiencing linear racialized sexual violence from Canadian Legislation, citizens, and within Federal Band Policies on Reserves regarding the Rights of First Nations Women today. Totally neglected socially and economically and without a voice within the justice system. The negative impacts are devastating causing deep poverty from neglect and legislative discrimination. The fight continues today for a Voice in Canada! First Nations women are systemically murdered in Canada with little regard to their person. Let us stop the systemic neglect of First Nations Women of Canada.

Native women live in a duel cultural dichotomy everyday in a society that does not recognize themunder the Indian Act. The struggle for acknowledgement under the Indian Act and Justice System continues today!

Its important to remove the gaps for access toemployment, health care, doctors, housing with a living wage! I seek to close the gaps inside policy and legislation of Canada.

I completed a Provincial Forum "Let Me Speak" and I will be facilitating public forums for Victims of Violence this year, and Presentations on Cultural Appropriateness geared toward doctors, teachers, police officers, health care workers, and general public that is interested in gaining an education or trainingto provide appropriate services for native women. I continue to seek support world-wide, thank you for your consideration and time!

Native Women Rising...Aho

Northern America
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