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I am Naw Eh Tha Khu, Sagaw Karen Ethnic, one of the nationalities in Myanmar, from a town named Pathein, but now I am studying in Bachelor of Arts in Religions Studies (BARS) in Yangon, Myanmar. I am 19 years old and the eldest sister in my three siblings. My father is a pastor from small village, west from Pathein Township. My mother is a woman who works for poor women and children, we called it in Karen Language as “Mo Kwah Poe Si” group, means mother cares infancy. WE are not a rich family but God chose me to attend BARS. Now I finished second year in 2011 and I have to attend in third year coming school year in October, 2011.
In BARS, by the Grace of God I met with Teacher Ni Ni Aye and she told me to join the Pulse Wire for Voices of Our Future, I am really interested in this group. As soon as I have got information from I joined that group. Teacher helped me, advice me to join and apply for Voices of Our Future. I think this program is for women so is related with my mom’s works and I can help and promote women who are in trouble by knowing and getting advices from women all over the world.
From my mom’s work, I met with women who are raped by their masters, trafficked by their relatives, punished beastly by their host and so on. So, I know that they need help because sometimes they lost in trial because the rich people depressed the poor one. So if I got information and helped from this group I can help them and show them the right way.
Some people might have thought that I might be dreaming of my vision for women. I want to promote women, I want to solve their problems, I want to help them by money, by advice and by whatever I can do. So I have to try hard for my community.
Because of joining with this group, I can get knowledge how to solve the poor women problems in my community. And I will know other terrible events which are causing all over the world. So I can counsel them, and I can help them as well as I can.

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