As an African male child, carried for 9 months and eventually born safely by an African woman, nurtured, raised and taught to respect a girl child and women in general, I saw how boys and men raped, molested girls and domestically abused women, emotionally, economically, psychologically and verbally in my childhood which has become a norm in our society, but my Mum always called my attention to it that:

“Should a woman give birth to a child that will destroy another woman’s child later in the future?” I said no, “should a man give birth to a child that will destroy another man’s child later in the future?” I said no, it ought not to be so and as a man, that has a daughter, will he be happy to see his daughter raped, or after marriage domestically abuse often? I said No! No! No!, No man will take that. I said Mum, why all these questions? she said I will understand later in the future. Every man that has a child, either a boy or a girl will protect his children from been vulnerable to attack.

She said “how happy will you be, if you see me been beaten by your father?” I said I can’t be happy and I quickly called her attention to it, that if my father lay his hand on her again, I will react, though it’s against the patriarchal belief in African. She said “how happy will you be, if your younger sister is raped by another man or boy?”, I said there will be war between me and the man to death, she said “GREAT”. She said I’m ready to be a man now. She said “I must campaign against this evil viral in our land to the end, or else, boys and men will continue to oppress, rape and domestically abuse girls and women till the end of the world”. I said NEVER, and she responded sharply immediately NOT-NEVER, until I take action, nothing will be done.

She said, “it’s not about spoken words, it involves great action and collective support of other men to join me in this campaign”, that’s why I belief my mother’s counsel now, MEN MUST FIGHT MEN FOR THE FREEDOM OF GIRLS AND WOMEN.

Exactly 40 years ago, she told me all these things and it’s still happening till now, to eradicate this gender abuse, men have to war for the freedom of girls and women, for their daughters, prospective daughter's in-law to be, or it will escalate till the end of the world and men will fight men, men will kill men, gradually next war will approach. Where emotional war will start, physical combat will emerge in different communities among men, calling for justice for women survivors of GBV by men will begin and a strong advocacy for girls and women will start by what I called Feminist International Men Alliance (FIMA) who will see to the end of GBV and all sort.

Reports has it that, in Nigeria alone; millions of girls and women life have been truncated as results of been raped to death, some has their education progress stopped due to unwanted pregnancy, while others girls with creative ideas have suffered their future ambition been terminated, many domesticated abuse women has lost their life, many live with the trauma for the rest of their lives, which almost the same in Africa and in the entire world today and for all these to stop; on this day of International Day of Girl child, am shouting a clarion call to all women and men globally to come together to form a formidable FEMINIST INTERNATIONAL MEN ALLIANCE (FIMA) that would advocate for girls and women freedom in each continent and nations.

The International Day of the Girl Child usually observed globally on October 11th every year. Established by the United Nations to recognize and promote the rights of girls and address the unique challenges they face around the world. The day aims to advocate for girls' empowerment, gender equality, and the fulfillment of their human rights.

When International Day of the Girl Child was first observed on October 11, 2012. It serves as a platform to raise awareness about issues such as education, nutrition, child marriage, legal and medical rights, and gender-based violence that affect girls worldwide, this has to be strengthened now globally for serious monitoring and evaluation of the past and present results review yearly.

In this year’s theme “Day of the Girl Child”, is “Digital generation. Our generation I am calling all stakeholders globally to look into these with urgency before this war begin in our communities, as it approaches; individuals, organizations, and governments to take action to support and uplift girls, ensuring they have access to a safe environment where they can thrive and reach their full potential in all nations without fear, by setting up this movement tag FIMA.

If men are supporting and advocating for the freedom and rights of girls and women, and as allies in the pursuit of gender equality and the empowerment of girls and women for creating a more inclusive and just society. Where FIMA (Feminist International Men Alliance) will objectively monitor the following as their war goals, all these inequalities will stop.

  1. Promoting Equal Parenting and Household Responsibilities: Men must start to share household and caregiving responsibilities with their partners, promoting a more equal division of labor within the family.
  2. Challenging Gender Norms: Men challenging traditional gender norms and stereotypes that perpetuate inequality and harmful behavior. Men actively promote a culture that values respect, consent, and equality.
  3. Participating in Advocacy and Activism: Men actively participating in advocacy and activism aimed at advancing gender equality and advocating for policies that support women's rights and freedom
  4. Education and Awareness: Men educating themselves and others about the issues faced by girls and women, including GB discrimination, violence, and disparities in access to education, healthcare, and opportunities.
  5. Advocate for Legal and Policy Changes: Advocate for laws and policies that protect victims and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions. Encourage the enforcement of existing laws aimed at preventing GBV. Provide emotional support, psychosocial support and encouragement to victims and survivors of gender-based violence.
  6. Supporting Women's Leadership: Men supporting and encouraging women's leadership and participation in various fields, whether it's in the workplace, politics, or community organizations. Also supporting and providing guidance to girls and women in their academic, professional, and personal endeavors.
  7. Educate the Next Generation: Teach young boys and men about healthy relationships, consent, and gender equality. Encourage empathy and understanding from an early age.
  8. Community Response Team & State/County Response Team, where stakeholders are carefully selected in a community for proactiveness to incident cases of GBV and others, for the purpose of enforcement of law.
  9. Engage in Community Programs: Calling men to participate in community programs, workshops, and discussions that address GBV. Encourage open dialogue and learning about the issues at hand, to build solidarity and sensitization movement everywhere. Mobilizes boys and men to join FIMA in their respective communities, working together to prevent GBV. Collaborate with other like-minded individuals to strengthen advocacy efforts.

. . . Men War for Women Freedom. Next war approaches as Men War for Women Freedom.With these men will earn freedom for girls and women

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