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NLK Digital Literacy for the Women

In 2010, NLK setup, digital training program for target women living with HIV/AIDS in broad grass root communities of Ethiopia. The program is part of the organization’s identified strategies for the target women groups’ social and economic empowerment. The program train Women Living with HIV/AIDS in digital Literacy and skill in internet usage. In addition, to reduce stigma and increase opportunities improves positive impacts and sustainability; the program targets other vulnerable women, girls and OVC participants who may not have been diagnosed or chose not to disclose status.

The program primarily provides training in Basic computer skill training: Microsoft word, Microsoft excels Microsoft access and internet usage for three months by a qualified trainer. The program train approximately 100 to 150 target women annually and provide employment opportunities as well.

To avoid the low placement rates of the trained women; NLK Link the Digital Literacy skill training program to pre-identified employment opportunities through continues labor market assessments and identifying leading firms and internet cafes with growing demand for the skilled labor in the target communities. Moreover, NLK promote individually operated internet cafes by the women upon successfully completing the training program.

Since late 2010 of its establishment, the program has successfully trained more than 200 of the target women, girls and children. Currently, the women have been able to utilize the modern technology and internet access as means for broad online communication and the pertaining social and economic opportunities. Among others, , the women are able to connect and collaborate online with variety members of positive women networks both locally and globally; to share and/or gain new experience, approach, practices and knowledge resulting for them profound social and psychosocial wellbeing.

Today, NLK is proud of the commendable achievement made in the target women we have been able to change the lives of the target women, dependents and the community thorough this unique program.
The women able to generate income by commencing self-operated internet cafes and associated service, or employed in leading computer firms or leading internet cafes in the local communities of Addis Ababa

They overcome the predicament faced them in terms of stigma, isolation and abandonment due to HIV status by connecting with others members of peer organization with similar cause. Besides, the improvement come on the lives of the women due the program have challenged the society’s perception particularly about the women living with HIV/AIDS. Commonly, the women living with HIV/AIDS viewed as non-productive and a burden to the society. But, the women have void the perception by proving that they can rightfully take up development roles in the society and are not unessential as such if they are given the opportunity.
Nonetheless, the pandemic impacts have been a continuing challenge among many women in the communities. NLK is aware a number of “hard to reach” women affected and infected by HIV/AIDS in the target communities. Hitherto, they are being experience of shortage of living, abandonment, isolation, stigma, discrimination and violence which involve physical and psychological harm in their communities. Thus, the women need coping mechanisms on emerging challenges. Particularly, capacity building in digital literacy, internet skill and access are proofed to be a key to secure effectively their deserved desired social and economic empowerment.
NLK is committed maintain its digital literacy and internet access program for the target women groups. NLK wish to continue to empower the target women with basic skill enable them to take self-based initiative to influence broadly their social, economic and psychological wellbeing. Of course, the existing women who have benefited from program are out to be a living proof to their peers. They will be integrated in the expansion program and will be used during the sensitization and capacity building plans for the new groups

Nevertheless, lacks of adequate resources, facilities and infrastructure have been the major challenges faced by NLK. We need computers, modems, appropriate working spaces; and infrastructures required for smooth operation of the program and sustainability. The unreliability and speed of the internet is another barricade to the program. To maintain the program success and sustainability, therefore, NLK need support from all concerned strategic partners who can collaborate and add value to the effort in any domain. We request the understating of all concerned partners and donors to provide their respective relevant support in terms of technical, facilities and funding.

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