No limits (breaking the walls)

No limits (breaking the walls) is the non-governmental organization that l founded last year. The idea behind the organization being to live a life that challenges all the limitations that an ordinary person faces and especially as a woman to inspire other women to be the best they can be in any sphere of life.
As a leader a plethora of challenges has assaulted me from many directions that most times l have considered quitting. Most times society rejects and resists any new ways that challenges the way that problems have been dealt with in the past. Challenges also come in many forms from in financial to emotional and personal challenges. It is interesting to note that in my society all unmarried women lawyers are easily labeled as failures and are accused of being home wreckers if they teach women their basic rights in domestic violence cases. Thus labeling and stereotyping is a huge problem that can discourage any new leader. In my world, women are also suspicious of other women, this is because of the common belief that if you share your problem other women will gossip about you. To this end tradition and societal norms constantly challenge the voice of change.
My present solution to dealing with these problems and challenges has been consistency in our mission statement and the dissemination of the correct information to usher in a new and correct way of thinking. We have employed the use of flyers and public markets and word o mouth to invite women to workshops. From a general point view reading and researching has always yielded interesting and innovative ways to reach new people and just bring a smile to a woman’s face. Recently we had a pamper party that created a platform and destroyed barriers for us to meet new women and just inspire them to be more and do more in their lives and society. As a leader also keep myself inspired and in tune with my dream and goals by reading a faith confession every morning, this is to ensure I have enough smiles to give during the daily grind.
Just by joining the voices of the future group, I feel inspired to continue with my “little organization” secure in the knowledge that l am not the only one who feels called to change the world but there is a whole army of women out there who believe in the things that l do to, which is to be the change. Also getting advice and help from people with similar experience is awesome as l had to struggle on my own to get information from other organization, but now information is just a fingertip away .This connection is important in giving women support. In simple terms l don’t feel alone anymore.

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