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Not All Sheroes Wear Capes

I started learning how to drive last year. After some months, I started driving alone. One of those days, I went to the market on a Saturday- Saturdays are usually the busiest market days. I was trying to get a space to park by the road, so I indicated with the trafficator and started moving towards the right side of the road to park. I had gone all in before I realized that the parking space I planned to use would not be enough. By this time, there were so many cars behind me with drivers honking their horns. I froze.  Some of the drivers already started making comments about '' how women are bad drivers''. 

Women and girls continue to experience various forms of discrimination in all spheres of life and their abilities under mined including ability to drive a car. Several times, I have been in cars driven by men and if there is a car in front and the driver is driving slowly, they conclude that the driver is a woman and they laugh and say '' women are sloppy drivers'', ''women can't take risks''

The honking of horns was deafening. I knew I had to reverse to continue on the path I was on to allow the drivers behind to continue their drive but the everything seemed to be at a standstill. While all of these were happening, there were two women by the side way watching. Both of them went behind my car and literally ''shut up'' the drivers behind me. I heard them saying; are you trying to intimidate her because she is a woman? Why can't you be patient and allow her reverse?

One of them came to me and she put her hand on her chest- a way of signaling me to calm down. The other was telling to be calm and try to reverse. I started the car, reversed gently and began to leave the road slowly.  

As I drove, I was overwhelmed by the show of kindness and support I received from those two women. They stood up for me! That single act made my day and made me smile so many times within the year. Every time I an looking for a space to park at the market- of course I am an expert now, I remember my sheroes!

#GirlPower #Sisterhood

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