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Generation Equality Stands Against Rape
Generation Equality Stands Against Rape

"Generation Equality Stands Against Rape"

A Painted Poetry by Abunaw Olive , based on ideas from true stories of rape SURVIVORS , narrated as "I" .
Art by Gobina Boris

#orangetheworld #GenerationEquality

It's funny though , in just a few short seconds my life took  a whole new direction,
My reality is now a shadow of my  reflection.
With just the blink of an eye my life is now seen as a zone once damaged
It seems like all things I once held high  has  suddenly changed
Oh how I used to protect my beautiful image

No one will truly comprehend what left me that  day,
Though as we journey along this poem , I shall try to convey.
I will be diving into dangerous waters if I dare to illustrate the repulsive individual who made my whole life seem new.
So let's scratch and erase that , I'll only dish out  the horror I went through. roughly...yet abruptly....rough handled against a wall...then oh! came the slap and humiliation when I struggled to escape...I was roughly...against a concrete stairwell,
At 1 AM, in Mamfe...where not a soul was likely to dwell. this hour my dire situation had deleted any chance for the word "escape"
Shouting out loud to myself... I don't deserve this, this shouldn't be my fate.

I whispered to my guardian angel...Give me wings so I can fly away, but silence was my answer as he invaded my deep pride... he invaded and broke.
I was like an innocent sheep that he used to slay as though for some rituals...on me he pounded and poked
My mind bewildered and lost
His... filled with lust.
He took another part of me with each and every thrust.

Tears like beautiful diamonds painfully drained from my eyes dancing awefully down my face.
I gazed  into his eyes searching for where he'd left his body shaking...sternly into his soul I searched...with a firm look of disgrace.
His devilish touch... like a vacuum, sucking out the life in me.
His ears...had surely turned to plastic, for he wouldn't hear my plea.

All alone , guardian angel gone...with the devil's agent that night,
I was under a blanket of darkness, struggling...yet unable to even remember the scent of my favorite flower...the rose.
The moon...the stars...once my friends...for they've sometimes served as a light to my path...they looked down at me, as though blocked to shine their graceful light through a massive blanket of stars.
My mind brought them nearer...I could touch them...they were on my face, but no no ...they were really so far.

Worse still...over and an evil doctor; he injected me with poison and filthy semen
He was deliberate...wicked and overt.
I beg to laugh now that I'm strong enough to talk about this...haha...yes for a pack of trash is  all he'll ever be,
And the only thing that he ever accomplished doing in life is me.

Oh quite often...when awake and it's very very dark...sleep can't find me
Lamenting on the thought that my dignity is no longer mine to keep.
That a situation that others think of as their worst possible nightmare
Is now my gruesome reality that can't be undone nor repaired.

I may have a pretty face , for people say I  glow despite my age and sins
But only I know the ugly deep secrets I have, held within.
My see as pretty....are maybe so because they have seen more than they should
And have cried long...delicate tears than anyone ever would.

My heart you refer to as  kind...came with a cost.
Terrible pains has existed in it and it has experienced the greatest loss.
Can I erase all that? No...but I chose to use that event to which I succumbed.
To use it to change and raise awareness of the ills and ruins that come with RAPE...Foolish men who rape must become wise and STOP...
I overcame that trauma and I'm strong today...because I chose to  focus on the present and change what is to come. 

Dear women , we may be different in appearance...but our patterns take the same lane
Most of us have in one way or the other ...experienced violence and abuse...and it left us with pain.
Oh so many diaries we've burned...we don't ever wish to recall,
Yes on each cheek...some tears must fall.

But together , we can ensure RAPE and other forms of VIOLENCE AGAINST  WOMEN  , become a culture that exists only in history , if you but add your voice to mine... 
The next generation might experience equality... with all men...gentle and kind
Let's orange the world and put rape culture behind.
Women have seen enough dark days , let's change this generation and the next 
We are Generation Equality and our results shall be the best.

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