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On Line

Communication is one of humankind’s most basic instincts as we are part of the animal kingdom on planet Earth. We communicate via our eyes, our hands, our body language, our mouths, our dreams and our thoughts. When we are disabled in one form of communicating, our other senses get extra sharp to facilitate and help us.
The Internet that began sometime in the early 90s was quickly picked up by masses of people as a tool of communication. In the past 20 years, it has made an enormous impact and revolutionized the way we speak to one another. All of a sudden we were able to talk to each other without the barrier of time, distance and space existing. From every corner of the planet we were able to share our experiences, our thoughts, and our stories with one another.
We were no longer depended on people on T.V or in the newspapers who showed us their versions of the truth. We could communicate our own truths in our own voices.
The development of Web 2.0 took this tool even further. It allows us from the safety of our homes, to explore and discuss issues that affect us. It allows us to be a part of a global community of activists, uniting us in our differences.
I am an independent filmmaker, photographer & a women’s rights activist. Making my voice heard has always been a fundamental part of who I am. However, coming from a non-traditional background, I did not have the opportunity to experience a standard institutionalized education that would open up networks, opportunities and paths in my life.
Everything I learnt, it was through the grassroots. Communities of women, men and trans people helped me learn the skills I now so proudly utilize, hoping to make a change in our society.
On the web I show my photos of people I have taken all over the world and share my videos that I’ve created, often raising topics of oppressed and marginalized women’s issues. It is my gallery, my movie theatre and television channel.
The web has allowed me to share these videos and photos to people that I could never have reached otherwise. It has allowed me to communicate my vision on what I think a just society should be like. And today it is allowing me to share my thoughts and writings with hundreds of other women who have similar visions as me.
I do not feel isolated or marginalized, not being part of the established status quo or elite media personnel. I am part of a global community; a community of powerful women who understand that they have the skills to address, tackle and solve their own problems.

South and Central Asia
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