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OpEd topic and me getting a little ahead of myself

Hey Everybody!

So far, all of my assignments have been related to peacebuilding, so I don't know why I would stop here! My OpEd will be on the same topic. Although the module teaches us about how to pitch our article, our assignment doesn't say that we have to pitch it to a newspaper or magazine. I will, however, make an effort to see my OpEd published somewhere else. I felt highly encouraged by the positive reviews of my last article, and the fact that it had been published in an eNewsletter I've never heard of.

I just happen to be in The Hague, The Netherlands right now to participate in the International Steering Group meeting of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (I'm one of the 6 members of the ISG) and a conference on peace education. I have been asked to give an hour workshop to give some examples on what my organization does in terms of peace education, but my topic of discussion will really be about new media and citizen journalism. I know that our last assignment involves training some 5 women about citizen journalism, but I'm getting ahead of myself by taking the opportunity now to teach others about PulseWire and its noble initiative. Seriously, I think that citizen journalism and new media are excellent tools to advocate for peace, especially when it comes to youth activists. I think that by giving such a presentation, I really can add a lot of value to the overall conference.

Dear Rachael and Scott... I only have an hour to give this workshop so I won't have much time to really do anything. So to save time, I've developed a handout so that the participants can take home with them citizen journalism terms. I want to of course make reference to PulseWire, but most of the things I've put in the handout are not on the website; they were in our VOF applicant module. Therefore, I can't really put a direct link on the handout that would lead them to the concepts I'd be referring to. Instead, I've included this at the end of the handout:

Source: World Pulse, Voice of Our Future Program—Training the next generation of women citizen journalists and grassroots leaders shaping our world. (

Do you think it is an appropriate enough reference?

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