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hello beautiful  sisters, am Brenda amonge from Kenya, I live in nyalenda slums where rape cases and sexual abuse are into starting a movement on PANT.YES the inner pant, this is by giving out new pants to every reachable female to enable prevention of sexual abuse,especially children.Ibelieve that when a female has a pant on before the abuser attacks her before removing the pant it takes a little bit of time,  thus she is able to scream for help.most young baby girls are prone to rape because of lack of panties (most mothers assume they are young and some don't put on panties for them)and the abuser takes advantage by touching these little girls Virgina's  some end up raping them easily, I don't justify that it's the best way to prevent sexual abuse but it's a PREVATIONT against sexual abuse. 

A change of new pant a day also helps prevents yeast infection amongs other prevention  measures like washing thoroughly our pants, hunging them out on direct sunlight  and boiling them.Panties when worn for long after yeast infections  results to reoccurence  and can result to dangerous infections so let's change our pants  .when a woman is infected  with yeast infection  it's like a part of their confidence is  taken away by the itchiness and the discharge.most of these women I interact  with ignore  change of new pants thus in a year 2%of the women buy new pants thrice .i want this percentage to increase up-to 100%.this can be achieved if you help me spread the importance of changing pants and assist those who are not able  financially by  at least buying them a pant world wide, I believe we can achieve that(specificall cotton pant).It also came to my realisation  that most of the women don't understand  yeast infection  how to prevent it  and how to treat it, (am doing a better research and will teach you  how to)though am not a medic but am a victim who has interest on prevention and treatment to help a fellow woman.BUT change of pant a day helps in prevention  of yeast infection. 

N/B Don't scratch your Virginia with harmful objects ,its dangerous and will cause burning pain if you're  urinating, it may also bleed. 

-oral sex causes yeast infection 

-When you start itching down there or produce strange discharge  visit the health clinic or a gynacologist

-Don't clean your Virginia  with soap, instead  use clean water only,

-in some cases avoid using perfumed soaps. 

-Flash your toilets before and after use.

-Advise your daughters not to share pants in school,And buy them cotton pants,

-take lots of plain yogurt 

-avoid too much sugar

-Change your pants regularly.   Finally PREVATIONT is better than cure.


Gender-based Violence
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