There is no age to start teaching peace especially as the foundation of a peaceful society starts from childhood.

At kids for kids Cameroon, we start teaching the culture of peace at a very tender age. Once a child can talk, we start teaching him the principles of love, respect, honesty which are the basis for peace.

Our objective is to promote the culture of peace in children so that as they grow, they will practice sound values which promote non violent acts

Our initiative touches kids aged 3 to 18 years and is mostly advocacy campaigns, sensitisation campaigns and educative talks with kids in schools, churches, youth camps, football stadiums etc. Anywhere we can meet kids, we cease the opportunity to talk to them about peace.

With the present sociopolitical situation of Cameroon, with youths actively involved in propagating violent extremism, we hope to contribute in our own way to bring an end to the crisis in Cameroon and prevent future crisis.

If a child is taught tolerance, forgiveness, humilit, love, care, generosity, unity, from a tender age, he will grow up appreciating every gift of life, tolerating and embracing diversity and avoid greed, jealousy, vengeance which promote conflict.

In the nearest future, we hope to sensitise and educate 3000 kids yearly especially those in the crisis affected zones, of the importance of peace and the devastating consequences of war to them, their families and their communities.

You can follow more of the activities on social media

Facebook : kids for kids Cameroon

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