Wisdom,Ingenuity,Intelligence and Patience.

Poverty is SUGGESTIVE....

You need to know this to escape it.

The Biblical Adam was the first man in Bible stories to become poor despite being placed in Paradise.

He Didn't Need leather Clothes... But someone influenced him to consider his lack of leather clothes as Nakedness. As soon as he embraced that way of thinking, he started hunting for clothes, killing what he was supposed to protect (the animals) just to afford the kind of clothes which he never needed in the first place.

That's what the system, yes the matrix, does to us - it suggests that you need things which you don't actually need. Then it puts you under pressure to kill what you actually should protect (like your relationship, marriage or family) in pursuit of what was suggested to you.

The voice asked them "Who Told You That You Are Naked?"

Pause here and Take a deep breath....

Think deeply on that....

Today, I am asking you - Who Told You That You Are Poor?

Think very well.

No child, no matter how poor her parents are feels poor until they grow up and listens to the voice of the system.

Do you want to stop being poor? You must ignore what the system defines as being poor.

Not having what you don't need shouldn't mean that you are poor.

You don't need a private jet if you don't have a hectic global itinerary... You don't need a Louis Vuitton bag if your surname is not Vuitton. You don't need an iPhone 15 Pro Max if your Android phone is functional. You don't need a Rolls Royce - you just need a means of getting around.

Lack of Luxury is not poverty. I have mentioned here that I am HEALED from luxury. I am living a very simple life with focus on IMPACTING MY WORLD, BUILDING A NEW SYSTEM AND INFLUENCING CULTURES GLOBALLY. 

After surviving a Pulmonary Embolism in 2021, my ideology about life changed - less luxury, more impact.  

Understand that luxury is an ILLUSION - illusions created by the system to manipulate you into thinking that you are poor until you have them. Rebel against such mindset.

Set your mind free from the poverty SUGGESTED by the system... Who told you that you are naked if you aren't wearing a brand? Who told you that you are poor if you aren't flying private? Who told you that going for vacation abroad is a sign of wealth? In a functional country, you should patronize local tourism more. Who made that suggestion to you? Who influenced you to look down on your achievements just because you don't have what you don't need? 

Our forefathers were not poor - they owned lands where they produced organic foods for their families. They were content with roof over their head. They lived happily and free from stress. We are the most stressed and pressured generation of humans because we have allowed social media influencers to suggest that we are poor if we are not living like them. Yet in reality, those influencers are a m£ss - poor and heavily indebted. 

Think and you will be free from the system of poverty. 

I encourage you to rethink Poverty and embrace a Wealthy Mindset. When you are Wealthy in mind, you'll become CONFIDENT despite what you wear, drive or where you live. 

My name is Abena and I define my own success - the society has no right to define my success lest it enslaves me with its illusion of luxury.

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