Power is in leadership

Volunteering with Red crescent.

Volunteerism leads you to power.

Back in 2002, Ms Tahira’s father was working with “Pakistan Red Crescent Society” as a driver. Impressed by her father’s involvement with PRCS, she also started working as a volunteer in the PRCS after her matriculation, and took part in various activities,

 Tahira Kazmi worked actively in various activities. She was an impressive volunteer of Azad Kashmir as well as a female coordinator. Furthermore, she always urged other women to become a part of this organization.

 Now, Tahira Kazmi is working as a Youth and Volunteer Officer at the AJK State Branch of PRCS. Tahira always gave priority to her volunteer services and PRCS also highlighted her potential.

 Volunteers are the backbone of the Red Crescent Movement. The involvement of youth and volunteers play a vital role in carrying out the Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC) activities and maintaining strong links and interaction with the communities.

 Tahira says: “If I talk about volunteers, they are dedicated, motivated and devoted people which are always ready to make a difference in the lives of many. They act as a catalyst of change in society. The Youth and Volunteer Department provides the right channel to those who strive to improve the lives of the vulnerable. Through this program, we develop their (youth) skills. Whatever I am today. It is because of this organization. I have learned many new skills.”

 Being a working woman, gender bias continues to create huge barriers for many women. Women are not given equal rights with men. Women are discriminated against in the means of employment. Tahira urges all volunteers to improve their personal development skills so that these skills help them to maximize their potential both personally and professionally. Moreover, in this way, they build a better future for themselves and for their families.

 Today Tahira is leading over 20,000 volunteers of PRCS AJK. She works in the state branch of PRCS, AJK, educational institutions, health departments and non-governmental organizations to mobilize volunteers and ensure successful implementation of the Youth and Volunteers Program. Tahira’s successful journey inspires all the youth, especially women and housewives. She promised to enable them to have faith in their decisions. 

So I must say that volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflects their nation’s compassion, patience, love and care for others.

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