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(Privilege for all of us from the Millenium Of Grace/KRIPA/Radiance)

I never like or never liked to say any weak words from my soft, flexible, long, salivated, firm, valuable, easily healable tongue muscles or from my good mouth with inner values due to my special talents in tunes/songs/goodness/dance/rejoicing/acting in wisdom of living God, if any other outsider use such incomplete words in any language, I know it's for their own ill fate, so I talk in strong manner in living God’s wisdom/grace/mercy/kindness/truth/sacrifice/inner values/humbleness/humility/radiance in firmness. Mark your usage of your own tongue because your words coming from your own mouth determine your life longevity from being dead. So,avoid foolish ignorance and hold onto the truth of wisdom of your living Creator, our/your living, loving God whose presence is everywhere. Try to know your/our living Creator in truth full of life but not in lifeless actions.

I never liked or I am not interested in weak,ignorant words like fear, feeble, tension,psych, gas, weak,nirishwaravaaadham, foolishness, weak drunkenness, useless arrogance and I never used such words unto any common public people right from my birth till now, neither they use on me directly looking at my face. Speak directly to life with full of life, likewise pray directly in humbleness of the sacrificial situation of Yeshua. We should talk or discuss for upliftment for each other. That's called humane or humanity and not by undignified word usage with incomplete knowledge of life, ourselves and others made by our only living Creator, your living God in full of life, truth and wisdom in humbleness, humility and sacrifice for all and all benefited free for all people in this only Universe. So, be in fullness, full maturity, avoid lifeless actions and things, be in complete knowledge and in complete wisdom in truth of our/your living Creator. Copy the good, strong deeds of your ancestors whether near or far/outside or inside; but don't try to copy weak actions of your ancestors when they believed in foolish ideas with ignorance and in incomplete wisdom of truth of our/your living, loving Creator, our all Living God. So, be complete in every terms of life in living God. Don't try to utter the same short forms like your near partner say or do like yourselves in the same ignorance and in useless foolishness with incomplete knowledge. So, be full in wisdom, in fullness of maturity, be humane in truth of your/our living Creator, our all living God who is omnipresent, omniscient. So, I repeat to be complete in fullness of wisdom of truth in life of living God, avoid ignorance in all sorts of lifeless decayed actions, lifeless worship, lifeless ingestion, lifeless, incomplete words. Don't be like lifeless statues and photos, we can love the man made beauty of it and keep it inside our homes for remembering any life/stage situations but not worship it. We all are full of life in our truth of our Living Creator’s word/wisdom/humbleness/humility/sacrifice/grace/mercy/radiance/kindness/strength/inner values.

Now in Malglish, ini malglishil parayaam……Abhinayam Thriruvananthapurathh renewalnn ponam………………“Mohanlal de veetil povaa, auto lalle……baahubali yaan arinjoode, kaananam, adhanne eth mohanlalnalaa mohanlal adhanne…….kandu eniky abhinayikyanam veetil vech….pondaaa….salkarichu…..iruthichu …… abhinayikyanam ippo abhinayikyanam, kore naal kazhinju samyam kazhinju njn vannu enthengilum veno 20,000 rs indd tharaam, patilaa characters onnum vendaa..abhinayikyanam abhinayikyanam…”shari maargam indaakaaam”, vendaa abhinayikyanam……ippo thanne”

Ha ha ha ……..ha ha ha….ha ha ha…………….

Be in Vigor(alt spell: vigour) and with a robust soul/body even in old age or young age.

Marrying a sexy, good looking, physically/soulfully strong, prayerful, family-work establishing, humble, inner valued woman is a great thing rather than being with a lot of like minded near soul friends in hostels/pgs and in quarters for fun except far minded/far going mates. I will marry a different gender for sure making my own children and generation following, but after strong action cultivated and established unlike others. While choosing a mature woman as a strong friendly partner for life long, I like a one week rapport with her created with communicating, direct face to face talking with future oet passing plans of her for futuristic better living plans that I did not gain till now, her styles of making my favorite kerala-goan style/english foods, walking/traveling a lot outside, enjoying, sharing good foods, outside with my expense, shopping for her and me, in my expense and knowing each other better alot rather than discontinuing communication via 7 mins phone calls, only then in between and for lasting being rapport with her all family members in strong way. Smile, vigor, talks, laughs base it all in cooperation. Even if I consider myself as Sis-gender male or ‘Che’. Discussing before with her that I will be having my ways of outgoing, at partying nights, exploring others a lot for vigor, clean friendship, meeting new-new people a lot, enjoying with them, I am just talking about new good looking male counterparts only like me not weak drunkenness fatty ignorant guys. I like my type of guys, after her funny permissions/ keeping together a firm rapport with her, my beloved and my future boys/child/generation; and together I will be having my kind of different character acting/music/tunes/art cultivating/types of perfect dances yah in future, for sure and continuing still now from birth. I don't become old too soon; too vigorous, exploring, enjoying strongly facing alone/lively with everyone and too young to be old.

Be strong in yourself rather than depending on the weaknesses of others. If I am strong from the beginning, I am capable. That's my quote in my life stage by stage. Be fearless, stand firm in the truth of wisdom of your living Creator, fight in prayers for each other.

I like to donate a lot for the needy, if I have a lot in extra amounts. May be for my nearby colleagues, neighbors who are in a little need, or my church or society families where there a lot of families in need or for people in Uganda/Ghana provinces in need and it's my pleasure for do directly for them in anyways if they have the proper channels to transfer the money I provide to them if they contact me with their trusted, friendly society persons in private communication. Maybe now in the next 6-7 months, I will have to provide Rs. 10,000 Indian rupees in halves for five needy families from my salaried amount in society, church, colleague section and in the neighborhood and I will provide them for sure when they are in need, my will and my pleasure to give them, not because they asked but I know they are in need. So, altogether Rs. 50,000 going free for them without asking in return from my work expenses. Again for my family members expenses, I have to give them with valuables, Rs. 70,000/Rs.70,000 in halves from each month’s savings from work expenses in the following 6-8 months, like I have given before up to 4-4.5 lakhs Indian rupees till now for our/their own expenses, from previous 8 years salaried money from India country. So, giving to provinces like Ghana/Uganda I don't have much knowledge of how much they will get from me or will it be enough for their neediness!!!? Rs. 20,000 Indian Rupees for their pay ™, google pay or phone pay, other accountable pays within 90,234.00 Ugandan shillings which reaches 241.98 US Dollars.

Yes, I have other plans, not plans, I don't plan as such; one and a half year halving for 3 times, going for free visa to Great Britain-Ireland-Finland for work in halves as I foresee better, earning lakhs in monthly basis, providing for needy families with savings of 1 lakh altogether directly to their paytm for 4 family each with other needy outsiders. So, I will also get much savings up to 4 to 7 lakhs or more than 12 lakhs to build my old ‘Vendore tharavadu’ style favorite look alike home of my grand-ancestors in new place for me like old Chalakudy or somewhere else in village areas of Keralam with natureness filled surroundings, building  a look alike house/home in 27 cents, with 20 lakhs expense is not a small matter for own, after 2 or two and a half years. For sure, I will do all of this for all and all, even if it takes a lot more time ahead.

Do it at once/no much thoughts/lively ideas.

Publishing my mother’s sweet voice tone of an old bollywood hindi song, “Aao tumhe chand le jaaye..” every online sites for sure and in Keralam Radio Aakashawaani ‘thalsamaya sampreshanam’ with little spending for 4 minutes to be listened by every people in supermarkets, driving cars is my another aim on her birthday commencing on October 30, 1962 (2023). If boring hoarse male group voice of other daddy groups, I would have totally refrained from it or rejected it from publishing from me, as mine voice is long sweet tunes for music voiced for long hours singing like my mother sides; also this signifies/defines/marks the importance of our India’s ‘Chandrayaan Vikshepanam’ to find out unfathomable depths of secrets of our living Creator our loving living God whose presence is all over there with all power with full of life. So, thank you for it, too in grace/radiance.

Rapport is actually a common life/medical term in where communication continuously at time is done from history of disease taking from clients till treatments done with all needful timely response in continuity till being alright during discharge from hospital process from there till coming again for follow up health education and continuing rapport with staff, nurses and doctors by client and client’s family without discontinuation in pleasant/placid ways.

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